Why not both arms?

Jorge has UA on both arm and Emile has assault/breacher on his right arm. So my inquiry is why not us too? For the sake of aesthetics at least.


This is for Reach btw. So my apologies for any confusion.

same with utility, should be left and right

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I think it has to do with the robot arms, where it’s somewhat easy to hide the shoulders, the wrists are much “floatier” so to speak.

Utility on the other hand I think is the same issue as backpacks: the actual attachpoint is being used by equipment/weapon holstering

Yeah but both Jorge and Emile use the left and right wrists for attachments.
So I don’t really see why not us too.
EDIT: I can understand the utility part though.

Its worth noting that neither Emile nor Jorge have a robot arm there as well. The robot arm is skinnier than the male and female arms, and likely thats the main sticking point against its inclusion. Having a wrist attachment in that spot would require extra work to force an exception that prevents it from floating

You don’t have the option to add wrist items to that arm when you have the mechanical so you just have to pick an arm that doesn’t have the mechanical parts.