Why not add Halo Reach to all H5 players?

I don’t know if this goes on the Halo Reach forums as well but, it’s mostly about the H5 Memories of Reach update that is coming soon. We all know this is a throwback/nostalgic update (hopefully) with infection coming and the remaining Noble Team (RIP except Jun) armours that are not in H5. Hopefully many people would like this and maybe the dlcs as well??? ( I know I’m asking too much, but hey, if you don’t want the dlcs in, I’m fine with that,just the game then). I have the game, so it’s not problem to me, sure there is some lag, (I started today, first match on team slayer, there was lag, but not less than 20 fps. 2 BTB matches after that slayer match, barely got any lag from the 2. There is around 3,200 people, on different playlists, most people are on team slayer, Living Dead (Infection) playlist is over 100 which is good but could be better, Invasion and Multi-team are really low, BTB is over 100, Grifball is doing well. Other than that, I would love more people playing Reach, we could go back and play Invasion and Infection, fill those playlists up like hell, just like the prime days of Reach on 360, I would like another update on the frame rate increase.

Also the funny thing is about the Memories of Reach teaser, (I realised this as I was typing), the guy in Jun’s armour was the first to die, because the real Jun didn’t die and the irony of the guy as Emile was holding an energy sword, because Emile died by A sword. (All of you would have known the Infected Emile irony joke when the teaser was shown)

Makes more sense to add it into MCC.