Why No Updates via Blogs Or Tweets or Something

343 did so good the week leading up to the Winter Update with an update/blog every day. Why havent we got something about what updates/fixes they are working for December or Jan. Also where is the QOL updates. This Sucks !!!

Thats very optimistic to assume they are working on something. last year around this time they went on a holiday for like 2 months

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They wont even say when King of the Hill is coming back into Ranked Arena… A mode thats been there from the start that suddenly broke. Cmon.

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you made a great point, i forgot about that long holiday :joy:

I think there has been some tweety stuff.

Sorry. I don’t tread those social media paths.

But there is definitely a December QOL drop pod incoming. No date yet though.

Hopefully it fixes the issues with Scripting - invisible nodes and paths etc.

Oh, and it should have the new Pit map.

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Are we still getting all hot and petty over this?

They deserved the break after crunching for so long in 2021.

Im just trying to make light of a bad situation

I just saw them tweet the update is coming next week along with a blog :joy::joy: maybe my post was premature

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Or maybe you spurred them into action :smiley:

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Here’s a link to the Tweet for those interested:

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