Why no theater for campaign?

Just had a blast playing through the entire campaign on legendary with 3 friends and I can’t get to watch all the fun times we had? Seriously I really wanted to laugh at it because it was so fun.

Why did you guys take it out?


Is it true that Theater isn’t available in Campaign and Opartan ops? If so, what was the reasoning behind this and will there be a future patch or download to fix this? – unip8

“Theater Mode in Campaign did not make the cut for launch for various reasons of scheduling, rendering issues and some significant engine changes. However, we are treating Title Updates very differently for Halo 4 and rather than simply using them as opportunities for simple big fixes, we are thinking of them as a way to sustain and grow features and options, so it is possible you could see Saved Films made available for Campaign (as well as some other significant features) at some time in the not-too-distant future, but that’s yet to be determined.”

If you ask me, don’t hold your breath. It will take some time.

EDIT: I really enjoy watching speedruns, although i’m not so great at performing them, with H4 campaign you cant even see scoring, time or stats. Making it impossible to veify runs. So they pretty much took a -Yoink- on that community. Maybe they will fix it, maby not. Probably not.

Great campaign though, i loved it.