Why no spawndelay?

Why have they removed the 3 second spawntime when dieing? On the smaller maps I have to many times finished/been finished by the same guy I had the dual with. Thats just -Yoink- imo. It my work better on larger maps but on maps like haven this doesnt work. There is no time to get any tactical map controll after killing 2-3 people cause there is no time to recharge your shield untill they appeare again. The only thing you can do its to hide in a corner and pary no one spawn close enought to you.

And the spawining makes this even worse. You spawn to close to you opponants, and this happens to often.
But the CTF play is the worst. How is it fair to the opponants when I die and spawn 2 feet away from my teamate that is carrieing the flag. Why doesnt I spawn at my base that is empety of opponants?

Oh well, alot of complaints but I still love the game, too many changes imo but still a good game. Hopefully with a fwe tweeks it will be great…

Because 343 is catering to the kiddies who can’t wait 3 seconds to respawn, who can’t wait 2 minutes to find a fair match, who can’t learn to use the in-game timer to time power weapons, etc.

I could go on. CoD does a better job catering to these types of players (i.e. impatient, young, etc.), and Microsoft wanted more money.