Why no Spartan Ops?

I thought a great addition to Halo was Spartan Ops. There are many players that play for the story and not necessarily online multiplayer arena battles. With Spartan Ops it gave us a continuation of the main store but from a different viewpoint. It was a great replacement for Firefight.

Ops. Good times.

Ops was a sad replacement for firefight with little replay value

I loved the story of Spartan ops and liked its episodic feel. Kinda like the telltale games but an FPS.

I miss it too my friend. You are not alone.

Well, I liked it, but it once beat there was no real reason to replay it. Im rank 90+ and still haven’t touched it ever since it was released

I was also a little sad by the lack of co-op game modes.

Pretty much all I want for Halo 5 is split screen and Spartan ops, Real sad that they took it and I don’t really see why, for the people saying “no replay value” well, your main focus is probably PVP then, because you can say the exact same thing about the campaign in that case, But for Co-op players it was great.

“Ops was a sad replacement for firefight with little replay value” I don’t think so at all, the IDEA of firefight was great but a mass amount of players took it as an excuse to make it another competitive game type, people were always way too greedy and it just became a free for all of “who can get the most kills” often resulting in team killing just to stop other players…it was SUPPOSED to be co-op survival…

i dont see why we have to choise between ops and firefight both are great

I, kind of hoping that Spartan ops will return in some capacity with the unnamed free dlc packs that 343 will release.

Spartan Ops was poorly designed and received heavy criticism, I wouldn’t be surprised to see firefight return as a replacement. I enjoyed firefight, because I like survival modes, that really tested player team work. Spartan Ops levels were short and super grindy. I didn’t know what to expect from each mission and most of the time I was let down by the experience. Repitive gameplay and lack of death penalty made Spartan Ops live, die, and live again. The writing was also pretty cheesy. Phrases like “Egg heads” or “Marking targets” kept reoccurring way too much and every mission felt more or less the same. The last episode really did change things up to an enjoyable standard, but the other 45 missions were forgettable.

I would rather see a fully revamped firefight mode, with all sorts of options for enemies. (Flood firefight anyone?).

Replaying the campaign 10 times would be more dynamic than SO. 343 did it right to keep Halo from looking like a hack B-level game. Sure, if SO were as good as the Spec Ops missions from the IW CoD games, that would be different. 343 couldn’t even get Big Team and Forge out on time, let alone produce quality Ops missions.

I would like to see Spartan Ops as long as they made it better. I personally thought it got boring and repetitive, as it was five long missions a week on the same maps with no good goal. If they made it one actual campaign-style mission per week with replay value and a story that matched the cutscenes, I would love it. Otherwise, keep the data invested in more important things.