Why no server filter yet

I m getting so tired of high pings, desync, lag, etc etc

343 when will you have infinite be able to filter out what servers you want just like the way MCC has it???


MCC took 5 years to get a descent update.

Do what you will with that info.


It took 6 years.
I know about this.
Thats not what i asked!


No it took 5 years.
Halo MCC launched in 2014.
It wasn’t until 2017 we started seeing any sort of proper update support for it and it wasn’t until 2019 we started seeing major support for the title.

And the reason I pointed all of that out was to show the track record that 343 tends to have on their titles that have actual promise, but have a very much mishandled launch.


It’s on their to do lists… Except it to come out in 2025, hopefully no delays to push it back to 2027…


To be honest low ping isn’t better. I get desync at 13ms. Sometimes even worse then a 40-50ms game.


You could be waiting a long time, my friend.

That is probably because it isn’t your ping that is the issue.
You can be connected to the server just fine.
But a lot of the players you encounter might NOT be and that can result in a LOT of missed shots that should’ve landed.

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This should have been there from the start, I think this is a reason why so many players left.
When 343 removed geofilter the game was broken.
Thats because the main server now is in USA and all other countries have bad ping.
But even Americans can have bad connections beeing forced to play on EU servers.
There is no logic what 343 is doing with this game.

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Watch as the Insider was truly an Alpha of the game.

Then this is the Beta of the game.

And then a year or two later, we get the ACTUAL Halo Infinite game experience; where after they kept us distracted with this hodge-podge of a game; they unveil the FULL Halo Infinite Experience and call it Halo: Infinite Evolved.

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insert “pirate first time” meme here

More people play MCC now than infinte.

In fact Infinite is the reason MCC population has risen

Infinites population is not big enough for this to work

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Yep, and I have fiber optic internet as well. So while I am communicating with the server well others aren’t.

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Not enough players right now.

The game is less than a year old and you can’t even get into a game in under a minute in the EU in the morning. That should tell you everything you need to know.

P.S. you could always get into matches in the morning in the older Halos…


I only play Social Games if a friend ask me to join them. Now, with that said:

We sure in the hell need one. I don’t care for slayer and some of the others. I just play CTF, Stockpile, and Stronghold. Every time a Slayer maps pops up I leave the game. I could care less about points. I could care less about my stats. I play for fun that’s it!

It is just a game . . . . . it’s not my life.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I just had a game that said “unstable latency 254ms” lets just say i went negative and got shot round corners…

I think this is why.
If they had server selection when there were 200.000 players then it would have made sense.
Like the game is now it will probably just make it even worse balancing ranks between regions.
It will not be good for finding games.

Might be 2031 till we get everything released and a fully functional game, but only with a population of 300 people a day, just as planned.

Server selection was one of the most important things 343 had to add. I’m not playing until it’s here, i refuse to play on foreign servers with 100ms+ ping