Why No Mjolnir Edition in Aus

Is it 343 who isnt letting it happen.
Or what???

The Mjolnir Edition is exclusive to Game in the UK. These kinds of collections are put together by the retailers themselves, often by combining different items. For example, when I bought Metal Gear Rising, EB Australia released an edition that came with a steel case. When my brother got CEA it came with a remote control warthog. It may seem unfair but it’s not actually Microsoft’s doing. In Australia we can get most of what’s contained in that bundle. EB Games has the Metal case and the Bandana skull, JB Hi-Fi has the booklet and the Grunt Funeral Skull. All skulls will be made available to everyone in December. The only thing not included in any bundle here is the statue, which can be bought separately.

As stated by eben gibon king, the Mjolnir Edition is simply a bundle put together by GAME UK, a retailer. This is done of their own accord to raise sales of the game, and is in no way endorsed by either 343 or Microsoft themselves.

Thanks Guys