Why no Free For All?

There has always been a free for all playlist in every Halo game. I wonder if there was only one idiot who decided not to put free for all in at 343, or if 343 has an entire idiot team somewhere who decided not to put free for all in?

If they think Regicide is the same as free for all, they are truly incompetent, and don’t understand Halo at all.

I mean if you’re considering taking out free for all, did they also consider taking out team slayer? Big team slayer? Capture the flag?

Because Regicide is noob friendly and 343 are noobs.

I just want my invasion replacement, lone wolfs, race, and custom games back…

I really thought I was going to lose [THIS GAME](https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/#Halo4/Geordie P/wargames/match-9eebfad9cc67f88c) with 29 kills
On a Regicide match I just managed to get the last kill in to win.

I would like both FFA and Regicide gametypes.

There does need to be a FFA playlist.