Why no count down for 3 of the best power weapons?

Ok so on each map the power weapons get a count down until they spawn so 90% of players know when they are about to spawn so there can be a fight over them. I love this idea. However why does the sword, shotgun and scattershot not get a countdown??? They are some of the best power weapons in the game yet many people dont even know where they spawn on the maps. I cant see 343i logic. Even more so why on Earth does the plasma caster get a count down over these weapons. On truth the best power weapon on the man (the sword) is in a horrible location to the side of the map with no indicator its there, yet the plasma caster sits untouched for most of the match with an icon above it in the best location (the middle of the map).

If you happen to read this 343i devs please, please change this.

Don’t change it! Nobody grabs it, so i do! lol