Why no classic medals in campaign

Can anyone (ideally a 343 employee) offer me an explanation as to what 343 were possibly thinking when they not only decided to change the default medals for multiplayer & campaign, but purposely not include the option to change them back in campaign?
Every campaign video I’ve seen has that utter mess all over the screen with hideous medals you can barely tell apart.
And don’t try to tell me that I’m nitpicking as it’s trivial etc, because that is completely besides the point.
Somebody, please, help me understand it.

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This is a good point and one I side with. Medals have always been an important part of the Halo experience for me and I really dislike the ‘MCC’ version of them all. I was extremely relieved to discover that the original Reach medals made their way across for the multiplayer when it got included, but then equally disappointed to see that they weren’t also used in the campaign. Instead the new ones were thrown in there. A choice would be nice like you alluded to.

It would be nice for them to fix their inexcusable decision yes. But I just want answers. Get me in in a room with one of these apes

I assume the reason they kept the MCC medals vs game original was to standardize them across all titles. Your casual player would probably be confused by 6 different campaign medals for the same action. I doubt any “apes” would offer you the answer you seek with the tone of this post.

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