Why No Classic Maps In Halo Infinite?

IMHO it would have been alot better as far as maps go if we had some of the classic map in Halo Infinite. Example: Bloodgulch, Infinity, Death Island, Danger Canyon, SideWinder, Gephyrophobia, Timberland, Ice Fields just to name a few but I guess it was to easy to do. :neutral_face:

Side Note: The above maps and custom maps are what made Halo so POPULAR!


  • I just don’t understand why we don’t have any of the classic maps! :thinking: It really Sucks! :rage:

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lolllll dude they’d actually have to code it into the game. Thats a lot of work :slight_smile:


CHAAA ??? You Think? All maps are a pain in the Hiney!! :rofl: I know for a fact especially when your building a map from scratch. I was not say’n to find out some way to convert them to H.I. All I was saying when 343i stared to make H.I. it would have been nice to have some of the Classic Maps that’s all.

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I’m sure they’re coming…….eventually.


Well when we get Forge I was thinking of making a Halo Online Map called “Diamond Back” its a awesome map.

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343 Industries said,

“ In with the new, out with the old. "

EH, it map building.
Its physics and geometry.

I can’t imagine the devs are using something harder to work with than something like the Hammer Editor for Steam.

What’s more annoying is that they didn’t consider rebuilding one of the old maps first.
Or even make a spiritual successor to fan favorite old maps.

Like Lock out & Black out.
It could have been, like.
Hack out, and it would have been built on a Destroyed UNSC frigate floating in space. Just like the Opening of Halo infinite.

Instead we got Streets and Life fire, thee most boring maps.

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Im surprised they didnt troll us by remaking a halo 4 map or something else almost noone wants


Just as they have every title they’ve released.

To no avail…

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Because this halo isn’t for us fans. They’ve made it as close to WZ and Fortnite as they can.

Maps, UI, Customization, nothing was done with thought of og players it seems. Just with the idea of getting cash cows


I imagine it was to give Infinite’s game mechanics a chance to breathe.

As soon as you put it on a classic map we are going to be flooded with a barrage of “classic” vs “enhanced” movement threads. It’s not going to be pretty.

And a lot of them just wouldn’t hold up to today’s standards of flow or balance. Or be versatile enough to cope with various game modes.

Nostalgia and selective memory is a weird thing.

But don’t worry. The old maps are coming. There are heaps of talented Forgers out there… so, cross fingers, by the end of the year we will be flooded in nostalgia. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they use some reimagining of old maps to promote Forge’s release in September.


My prediction is that when Forge drops in Halo Infinite, we will see the top seven most beloved classic maps make a return as pre-made forge-maps to both provide us with more content and to showcase the capabilites of Infinite Forge.


I sure in the hell your hope right bud :thinking:

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But given 343’s track record, we might just get Forge remixes of the maps we already have in the game.


Even given 343’s love of that specific number… that’s a lot.

Which seven do you think they will go for. Keeping in mind that each one has to function in multiple (let’s say, at least three) game modes. So, not your favourites… but which ones will be the best for Infinite going forward.


  1. Haven/Mercy.
  2. Guardian.
  3. Midship/Truth.
  4. The Pit
  5. Narrows


  1. SideWinder
  2. Coagulation/Haemorrhage

Valhalla / Ragnarok
Blood Gulch / Coagulation / Hemorrhage / Bloodline / Dust Gulch
Sidewinder / Diamondback
Sand Trap / Sand Tarp
Epitaph / Epilogue
Blood Creek / Beaver Creek / Battle Canyon
Turf / Icebox
Lockout / Blackout / Lockdown
High Ground
Wizard / Warlock
Sanctuary / Asylum / Shrine
Ivory Tower / Reflection

You get the idea


I want Rats Nest and Stand-off for BTB


I think Lockout epitomises the problem.

Regularly #1 in everyone’s nostalgia list. Often by a clear margin.

It’s beautifully crafted for Halo 2’s game play.

I don’t think it held up in Halo 3 (Blackout). I really didn’t like any of the Forged versions in H4 or H5. It pretty much sucks for anything but Slayer.

I don’t think 343 will touch it with a barge pole for Infinite.



You mean maps that were actually designed by Bungie that actually worked for PvP.

I would normally say why not create new maps, but that is a bad idea given the fact of how the maps they have created already don’t work well for Halo.