Why Nerf jump?

I don’t see why jump had to be nerfed. The Golden Quadrilateral Bungie had set up was perfect. Guns, grenades, melee and jump were all equal. Now that jump has been nerfed this perfect shape has been ruined. It is now more like a “Golden triangle” what ever the hell that is.

excuse me if I’m wrong but hasn’t it always been a golden triangle? All the times I’ve ever herd of the term it was always in regards to melee guns and grenades. Never before has jumping been a part of that. And to that extent what do you mean jumping was nerfed? As far as I know jumping is now what it always has been, no?

> As far as I know jumping is now what it always has been, no?

This. I’m fairly certain that Reach had the same movement speed and jump height as the original Halo 1, though the different field of view made it feel different, and the original had no strafe inertia.

…Or is OP talking about whatever modified settings are in use in Anniversary? I’m still waiting to receive my copy of Halo Annie, so I don’t have those maps and can’t see the game variants for myself.

They lowered the jump height in the settings. I think it is a little too nerfed, but that is nothing that a little small tweak couldn’t fix. Let’s all hope that there is a fix soon.