Why must Halo adopt the battle pass system? Customization is real bad

It really pains me to see an unlock system from fortnight and call of duty that is designed to manipulate people with marketing strategies in a Halo game. Hear me out. Halo should never have adopted a new trend that everybody else is doing to boost sales on cosmetics. 343 should have designed their own inventory and unlock system free from these “premium” paywalls barring their customization from prime who have always played Halo games to earn their customization from their performance in the game. I know this is partially how it is now, bit the battle pass system really messes with the process.
People should find what they want out of a inventory list for their spartan and strive for those things. They seek out what they want. They should not have a cluttered list showing every unlock at every point. There should be a tracking system. Not a battle pass tier list with a number. There should not be a “premium” or “legendary” anything. Why did it have to be designed this way? Because of marketing and sales boost right? I would have rather paid for the multi player than have such a out of touch progression and customization system.
You claimed to have the most Halo Reach-like customization, but these differences I’ve mentioned make it nothing like that. It’s more like call of duty and every other big multiplayer game out there and it’s tiresome as well as overdone. There’s no insensitive anymore to grind even you’re just making your way through the tier list and missing out on the premium stuff every unlock.
Furthermore, I can’t stress this enough, the colors and customization really needs an overhaul. I don’t know how difficult it would be, but ditch the predefined color schemes for armor, and let people choose EACH individual color on their armor suit. There should never have been an unlock and paywal for colors and emblems, That’s a disgrace.

I really believe Halo infinite deserves than the battle pass system and a locked down customization. Conformity to this system is far worse than an original halo inventory system.


I agree, Halo Reach had the best customisation in my opinion allowing for some truly wacky ideas with mixes and matches of all kinds of armours, I don’t see why I can’t choose random bits and pieces for my spartan like before, then buy upgraded pieces after I buy the base.


Right? How did they think this was Reach-like customization?

343i adds armor pieces from reach in Season 1

“See? Reach-like customization!”


Pretty much! It’s clearly a replacement for loot boxes; You have to pay for customization now. This is the hated standard for other games but customization was never locked down like this in Halo and Halo should never be adopting a lesser games model for something that defines Halo multiplayer. And what the heck is up with the stupid weapon charms and ridiculous fortnight crap? Unreal.

Yeah I really hope they can change it to allow for complete freedom of armor pieces, I don’t see why they have to be in predefined sets, like the colors. The colors are really ticking me off. How can this possibly be a good idea in anyone’s head? Let people mix and match.