Why Multi-Team

Who goes into multi-Team with the intention of playing slayer? Like- We have three “regular” Slayer playlists (Nilla, TU, plus Annivers kinda) and that’s ignoring SWAT, Snipers, and Arena (plus FFA sorta/pretty much).

I get it if you have a party of five or more and you want to jerk around, but I hardly see that as the case. Like wtf, Multi-team is basically a party-style playlist like action sack was- you go in for wild objective gametypes, Elite slayer and Rocket-Hog Race. You know, wild/goofy stuff like that. Why go into Multi-team for slayer? like wtf.

Maybe that’s just how I (and most of the ppl I personally know) feel and we’re just mentally limited (which would be hurtful/make you a bad person if you agree), but still.

when I go into multi team i really enjoy playing objective more than slayer because it actually uses team based strategy. especially oddball.