Why keep the DMR?

Seriously, why?

It’s pointless, if the BR is considered an upgrade then how can they be balanced?

there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Honestly i dont care that its in the game what negative effect could that have?

Isn’t it obvious?
The DMR will be for the longer range half of midrange.
The BR will be fore the shorter range half of midrange.

Just because.

You can’t find any valid reason why the DMR can’t be modified and implemented into the game.

Br spread makes it inaccurate for long range combat, try killing people across sandtrap in Halo 3 and you’ll see. DMR is dead on accurate at any range when the bloom has settled, hence it would be awesome for cross-mapping on such map

for me, I am probably going to use the br in regular slayer and the dmr for btb

Didnt you read the previews? DMR > BR now lol.

As a true lover of the BR in Halo 2/3, I love the fact that the DMR is making a return.

In all honesty, is the DMR not a more skilled weapon? Being that it is single shot and requires better aiming for that headshot?

both will have there purposes. And I am sure some gametypes will only feature one or the other

Because: more weapons means more choices in battle DMR for long range and BR for mid range.

the br is going to shot faster but more unaccurate and for closer range but the Dmr is going to shot slower and more accurate and for long range and i think that the Dmr is going to take more skill then the Br

To make casuals happy

> To make casuals happy

Oh, get over yourself.

To my understanding, OP, nearly every weapon in the Halo sandbox is making a return. So - if I’ve gathered correctly - we’ll have the DMR, BR, AR, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun, etc etc.

> Seriously, why?
> It’s pointless, if the BR is considered an upgrade then how can they be balanced?

And some would say the BR is pointless.

The BR is a burst weapon, great for med range combat, but long range, you waste ammo every time you fire at a target, the DMR is a Semi automatic weapon, which is wonderful for long range shooting, the only way you can waste ammo when firing at a target, is if you miss.
the BR isn’t an upgrade from a DMR, nor is the DMR an upgrade from a BR, they both have their own little uses.

I agree DMR sucks

Read DMR VS BR, the battle for halo 4. I made a comparison on these weapons. This has all the latest info and some speculation. The BR in my opinion is pointless, It overlaps the Magnums domain.

Plus, the DMR is the second best precision weapon…of all time.(The sniper rifle being the best precision weapon of all time.)

You should be asking what the point of the BR is.

They both kill in 5 shots and the DMR shoots faster.

The DMR therefore is superior in every way and at every range.

No, the DMR is a boring OP weapon. The whole 5 single shots thing is just pointless and delays kill times. It shots as far as the sniper at distance, has more power then any other rifle in the game except the sniper, and can be used in CQC with little to no punishment.

It’s just like everything else they have added to Halo 4 from Reach. It should be done away with because it was in a prequel game to the original trilogy. They should have built off Halo 3 instead of the worst game in the series, Reach.

I didn’t like it b/c it restricted map movement far too much.

The recoil on the Battle Rifle will eventually make players miss 1 or 2 bullets on the target, becoming a game of luck instead of skill at longer ranges.

This will have to force the user to move closer, something that may not be possible in certain scenarios. However, the DMR fulfills the purpose of long range support by having a single shot, that shoots slightly slower the Battle Rifle. However, at that range, the DMR would be making more damage anyways.

This is to help prevent the Battle Rifle AND the DMR from becoming a dominating weapon on every single range.