Why Kanye's new album needs to change for me

You know what, I’m gonna say it: I am an original Kanye fan. I love Kanye’s music. However, recently I have started to question whether or not Kanye is the artist for me. It’s so disappointing to me, because I grew up listening to Kanye. Some of my favorite albums of all time are his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd albums. Even the 4th and 5th one were different, but each respectable in their own way. The sixth one was the first time I had ever just stopped playing the album for an extended period. I didn’t like the way that he had changed. He seemed to be just going to what other people wanted. And then he just went fully weird with how he handled the seventh one. It was like he was a wholly different person. And with this seventh release, I just don’t believe that this album is for me.

Which is why I believe that Kanye needs to change his music for me. Now before you get on my case, just know that I only say this because I care about Kanye West’s music, because it is what I grew up listening to. I just want Kanye to stop making the music that he is right now, and go back to music he made when he was younger. Because I care. Only when he goes back to old Kanye will it be a true Kanye sequel album. Until then, I will continue to post on the Kanye discussion boards, and let everyone there know that their new album that they currently are enjoying and discussing are not the real issue.

(At risk of breaking the satire, now please replace “Kanye” with “Halo” and “album” with “game”. This is how a good portion of the people on this website act. I just wanted to point out how ridiculous this sounds.)

steadies himself for hate train

Why did you post this in the Halo 5 Forum? I don’t get why you would write something and have us replace words to Halo

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> Why did you post this in the Halo 5 Forum?

Considering how recently I posted this, I’m willing to bet you didn’t read it all the way through.

> 2533274845846487;1:
> I just wanted to point out how ridiculous this sounds.

This is not the correct way to approach your problems.