Why judge before you get the actual update?

There are several threads already about the upcoming update and all we got was a preview that doesn’t even cover all we are getting. Wonder when they were growing up on Christmas morning did they look at the box and say nope to small it sucks… wrapping is terrible no need to even open it… Christmas is horrible going back to bed… I don’t know but I would rather see what all is included before trying to say how good or bad it is. 343 never said any new game modes were coming with this update so why act all upset over something they never even said was supposed to be here. I guess the majority here are pacifist and not optimistic. H5 is already great to me and gets a little better each passing month.

Well, the fact that the Mark V reskin is the headline Armor set. The Mark IV is the other Mythic. The Hammer variants should have been in the Hammer Storm update. Suppressor should have been in at launch. Dynast variants are there. We have the fewest quantity of actual REQs, the only new content we’re getting is the Dynast set and Skirmish at Darkstar. No Infection really takes the -Yoinking!- cake too.

343 really need to add infection in the coming updates

I was happy with the Hammerstorm update, and I’m optimistic for the Memories of Reach update, but for this upcoming update I have to agree with those who have raised complaints. The people I don’t get are the ones saying we shouldn’t judge the update before we get it, because we’ve already been told what is in the update (most notably, any game modes are omitted) and there’s now the whole req reveal/preview too. The way you’ve tried to compare this to Christmas is just hilarious. The only thing I’m interested in seeing revealed is what’s blurred out to the right of the Warzone map. Could it be a surprise Arena map? If it’s just the same as the new Warzone map but for Warzone Assault then I’ll be extremely disappointed because there’s no reason for that to be blurred as though it’s a surprise. Ultimately my point is that the people complaining about the lack of content in this update have very well justified complaints imo.

Hard to be optimistic when they continue to ride this game for all it worth before actually adding the content people want.

No positivity allowed here, didn’t you get the memo? There will always be complainants and they are usually the most vocal. I can’t comment on whether their complaints are valid as their opinions and expectations will differ from my own.

Patience is no longer a virtue… especially in the gaming world… give it to us now or we hate you… :slight_smile:

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> Patience is no longer a virtue… especially in the gaming world… give it to us now or we hate you… :slight_smile:

considering the content drops have been hardly to anyones liking month by month can you expect people to actually keep a fresh optimistic mindset on it all?

Patience is a virtue in gaming but when the content drags and things people want are pushed back further and further…for other money making schemes its nothing people want to see for a franchise they have invested years to.

We do need a new Warzone map though.

It is because most of the complainers are kids with silver spoon stuck in their mouths it’s funny because the full update hasn’t even been revealed yet and they’re still complaining I miss the early days of these fourms.

Because we can see what we’re getting and we’re not satisfied… the only thing we aren’t sure about is that new card with the new symbol… well, I am at least.

Edit: is that new symbol card an Armor Mod? I didn’t even think about that.