WHy it's a good thing elites won't be customizable in halo 4

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining how elites will not be customizable in Halo 4, and I mean A LOT of complaining. I agree with these people, but at the same time I think it’s a great thing. Forerunners will be the main enemy in Halo 4 (replacing The Covenant). So, think of it like this. In Halo 1 - 3 The Covenant were the main enemy and Flood were the second enemy (in a way). They made Elites customizable in the past Halo’s because they were the main enemy. Except in Halo 4. SO, I was thinking maybe Forerunners will take the place of Elites. Maybe Forerunners would be customizable instead of Elites! In Halo Reach, evade was only for ELites. Halo 4 has “Forerunner Vision” (x-ray vision). It’s a chance that Forerunner Vision will only be able to Forerunners. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Even if they dont make Elites or Forerunners customizable, that means that Spartans will have TONS of stuff to be customizable. If they only have to work on Spartan stuff, they can put all their effort towards making lots of customizable Spartan armor and details. Tell me what you think.

except in Halo 3*

We’ll only be playing as Spartans in multiplayer, no Elites, Forerunners (who are huge, by the way, like four meters tall), nothing.

Oh, and Forerunners were never said to be the main enemy either.

I don’t see how a Forerunner could be evenly placed against a Spartan. Besides I think more people want to see Elites come back and be fully customizable, not to mention it would be easier.

People aren’t complaining because you can’t customise Elites. They’re complaining because you can’t play* as Elites.

It has not been confirmed yet if Elites have been Totaly wiped out of multi-player. I still doesnt make sense as to why being able to customize your own character for the elite has to be taken out.

First, personally I don;t think the main enemy will be the Forerunners, seems way more likely for Precursors :slight_smile:
Back to the topic, I’m completely fine with not playing as Elites. It was never something I absolutely loved, so I’m kinda indifferent towards the subject.

Why do people assume that the elites aren’t playable at all? It was stated “competitive” in the magazine, people need to keep in mind this word when talking about elites and multiplayer.

OT: you don’t need to spend time making armour for elites, they would just use the armour from campaign and make them interchangeable like halo 3 or presets like reach