Why it is so difficult to complete weekly challenges

Why it is so difficult to complete weekly challenges: I have found it incredibly difficult to complete some of the weekly challenges. 5 kills with a rocket turret, 20 kills with a banshee’s fuel rod gun; these challenges have be come increasingly difficult because there aren’t maps that have pre set spawns of these vehicles. I’m at the mercy of automatically called in pelicans that drop vehicles in “hot zones”. 1 I miss the gauss warthog, 2 by the time anyone can get in the vehicles they get blown up or shot because they are dropped in what’s called a “hot zone”.
I had difficulties getting weapon challenges done because the maps I would be playing(which I don’t have a choice to choose from other then to leave the match and try to find a different one) don’t spawn a sword or other specified weapon.
I am currently having difficulties getting 2 challenges done which I tried to get done for hours. They are both capture the flag related. It’s literally impossible to get those done not because I don’t have the skill or can’t buy because 1 I keep being forced into a game that isn’t capture the flag. I have to leave 3-6 games just to get into the right game type that I’m looking to play.

I don’t have a problem with challenges. What I have a problem with is when it’s made impossible to complete by bugs and other problems with the game. The challenges are the only thing worth doing to try to lvl up with out spending a few hundred dollars on the non dlc season passes which only have aesthetic values while playing the video game. These “challenges” are about the same as Xbox achievements.
Apparently this weeks reward is being given to everyone due the impossibility of lvl progression in a video game that is supposed to be fun and not what it is; a needless “grind” that unlike the season pass isn’t midgated (not that I like this either) by a few hundred dollars.


The harder they make the challenges, the more likely people will spend money to skip them, and the less EXP you get for completing them, means the more likely people are going to spend money to increase the EXP.

This entire “progression” system has been put in place to kick you down every step of the way, to back you into a corner, to try and make you feel like that you’re progressing so damn slowly that the only way to feel like you’re making some decent progress is to pay them for it.


Some of these challenges are dumb and push people away from playing normally. My last weekly was to get 3 guardian angel medals. So I just didn’t help with objectives in big team. Only got one in 15 matches tonight. So won’t be finishing that one.

This is why multiplayer is broken. Objectives that cause people to not ptfo

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It’s not so simple though. Maybe a little frustrating, and you’ll get some people to pay for swaps, but at a certain point the more frustrating you make, the more you’re just going to upset and alienate people. Even when you’re trying to maximize profits you can’t go too far.

While i overall dont actually mind the challenges as they are in and of themselves, we need a gametype selection like mcc.

I had a won pvp oddball. I dont mind it takes me 3 or 4 games of kddball until i win, i just want to only play oddball. If we could at least narrow it down to game types

No but its certainly the goal.

Just like that lord of the ring game that suddenly takes forever to get to its last chapter until you spend money.

It is that simple though, they didn’t just throw this progression system together in the hopes of people would just pay to skip challenges, they very clearly tested this with the BP system in MCC, they tested, tweaked, adjusted all down to the fine details, so that it isn’t too slow, but not quick enough to give you enough of the good brain chemicals, to make it feel like you spending your money on skips, swaps, EXP Boosters or Tier skips is justified by your OWN actions.

They’ve gone over it with a fine toothed comb to create a 70/30 system where 100% of your efforts translates into 30% overall progression, and that other 70% you feel like you deserve is what you have to pay for.

Money :dollar:. Why kill 3 wraiths, which rarely spawn when you could just. Idk. Buy a few tiers? Maybe a challenge swap

That’s the thing that annoys me about modern gaming. Yes everyone needs to make a profit and keep the lights on, but I feel like for every person actually making the game, you have some psychologist or analyst combing over all those fancy metrics behind the scenes to manipulate our brain chemicals and extort as much money as possible. It feels less about making a fun, enriching experience and more about audience manipulation (which I guess is always present to an extent).

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It’s not that simple though. Not slow but not too quick, this is an optimization problem. And to optimize profits like this you have to turn a qualitative problem with more variables than you can count, into a quantatitive problem with only a few variables. That’s not easy.

Also, the BP system isn’t the same type of data. The change from earning XP from match performance and challenges to challenges only was a qualitative change. It’s hard to know how that will impact the data they’ve obtained. Fact is, they’ve never done a system quite like this, in fact, almost no dev has. So there isn’t a ton of data to analyze for this exact model. Control for variables is one of the first things they teach you when scientifically analyzing data. And to do that they’d need to at least test the system they have now, make changes, analyze the changes, and see what’s really impacting their profits.

And you’re use of numbers here isn’t really analytical. Where are you getting this 70%/30%? Is that something they said personally? Do you know they’re hitting that target. What data are you basing it off of?

My replay to you was to much so I made another topic.

I will like to also note I didn’t play the MCC until they introduced invasions back and not ounce did I figure out how to make past the first row of unlockables that some 3 colored boxes which I can’t remember the name of.

I’m direct response to 30/70 . In older halos every exp point in game like a 100 points for a kill form the grave would attribute to the over all rank(in some halos) and lvl in others. Currently halo infinite attributes its exp points based upon the challenges. Now, but was not int it’s (falsely advertised beta) free release of its multiplayer; 50exp points are attributed for every match complete.

“Reality” says every thing that is done is experience in one way or another. I suppose after awhile if becomes a “expertise” or in terms of college a field of study.

As fiction, which the Halo franchise is, they support them selves with a lot of details that I have not read all of and that should be read; at least in a detailed summary.

In another vein, I have found this not only personally but with several of my friends who I have been playing with that the challenges do not record progress correctly, i.e. ‘Kill enemies with x weapon’ or ‘Play x number of x match’ not recording kills or matches completed/won. When you consider these are tied to the progression system and the time-gated rewards this is either a poor failing or worse an intentional move to ensure that more people will shell out for Challenge Swaps or even outright buy levels to bypass the challenges completely. Thoughts/own experiences with this?

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