Why is'nt there BTB CTF?

You have these nice and big maps, but unless you want to play just slayer variations, you’ll never play them. These maps are perfect for CTF with the multiple ways to get to the flag and the vehicles yet the only real objective gametype in 4 is a small CTF that only has 4 maps on it. 2 of those are small and terrible and 1 is the only map you will really play because its chosen 95% of the time.

Why would I even want to put Halo 4 into my xbox. Its not like its a game where I’ll actually get to play what I want. If I put BF3 in, I could easily find a game mode to play on the map I want to play. It’s almost insane that Halo 4 doesn’t have that seemingly obvious feature. Instead you are supposed to leave whatever you play up to this terribly outdated system that chooses for you. It’s insane.

I hope they add a BTB CTF. I only really want to play CTF and there’s no reason I should be penalized for wanting to play the game the way I want to play it, yet thats what it feels like. The game is really fun, but I don’t have any choice in playing it the way I want to and that pissess me off.

Of course, watch them add this playlist and then take it away.

I do want to play just slayer variation lol.
Reach was virtually ruined by 8 man inheritor teams forcing the vote to objective, just so they could ignore the objective and stat pad until half their opposing team quit, then scoring once.

Keep them separate.

I do remember versing 8 Inheritors in Reach :confused: not a good day

Yeah I would love to see a BTB Objective playlist with a mix of all game types to be honest.

I’d also like to see One Flag CTF, which I’m sure we’ll see at some point.

They could keep big team slayer and just add a BTB. Honestly I liked BTB the best out of all the gametypes and I was saddened by its removal.

Well I mean I hope BTB Slayer would still continue. I don’t know why there can’t be both.

> I do remember versing 8 Inheritors in Reach :confused: not a good day

yea…good times…

because there’s is CTF play list…it’s not like other halo anymore

I smell a lot of BK’s in here.

I would love a BTB Objective playlist. Im getting tired of playing BTSlayer AKA Big Team Camping.

i wish 343 didn’t go backwards with it’s options.