Why isn't there a halo app for iPhone/android?

Topic title says it all. Why do I have to use safari/ chrome to come to waypoint? I know we’ve all seen the halo Channel ap that wasn’t too great but still

I mean, we sorta have phone version on Waypoint with the blue circle on it when we want to go to the top of the forum. But I think there is no need to get a app version.

It would be nice to get an app, though It would need to get a lot of polish knowing the constant updates for the forums.

When Waypoint went through its redesign, they built it to be fully functional on mobile devices - so you can use the forums, manage your Spartan Company, check your stats, open REQ packs. Doesn’t make much sense to have a whole separate app when you can open up a browser bookmark. When notifications dropped a few months ago that kinda completed everything. You could argue for push notifications (I’d love that).

I think an app may lose functionality for me - like I routinely open up 9 or 10 different topics in different browser tabs to read on the train. Not sure if that could be achieved easily in an app. I also have a Windows Phone :wink:

I think they could use the existing Halo Channel app as a basis, and overhaul it so it possesses the functionality of accessing Waypoint on your computer / mobile device. It just needs the ability to access the forums.

Then again, it may not be that much of a priority for 343, if at all.