why isn't the file browser working yet.

its been over 2 weeks and the file browser still comes up with “no files found” whenever i try and search for anything outside of a file share search.

i was expecting this fixed in the first couple of days, and now a couple weeks have passed, what’s wrong 343??

If you had about 100 things wrong that you needed to fix, you would prioritize and work from #1 and keep going. File share must not be at the beginning of that list. I quit coding because of the amount of stress and how difficult it can be just to find the tiniest mistake that make everything fall apart. Just be patient and realistic.

Probably because 343 shipped an unfinished game, this isn’t the only feature that is unfinished or has been rushed and removed due to time constraints. No Campaign Theater, Proper ranking system being released months AFTER launch etc. I’m not a hater, just a massive Halo fan that feels has been hard done by Halo 4