Why isn't Super Fiesta a permanent playlist?

Why on earth isn’t Super Fiesta a permanent playlist?!? I honestly do not know. Can’t possibly be that people got bored of it and not enough people were playing it. If that were the case, they’d surely have taken out breakout, takes me forever to find a match here in Europe. Casual players seem to love fiesta and Super took it to the next level of fun! Honestly my favorite social mode without a doubt. Thoughts as to why it isn’t permanent when (I’m assuming) the community does seem to enjoy it?

*To everyone about to say you can still play it in custom games, I know, but that really isn’t convenient for a lot of casual players.

…because it never was meant to be.

It’s fiesta, it doesn’t even need it’s own playlist. It should be in an Action Sack playlist.

Servers to small maybe?