Why isn't my helioskrill armor regerstiring up?

I just completed all of the halo games on MCC got the Legend achievement and got on here to make sure they’re all complete. But Heiloskrill isn’t showing up in my collection, does it take awhile to unlock and register? Tell me what’s going on.

You need to check on your spartan record to see if all the missions are completed, there’s a big problem with it tbh.

I had to redo missions, but if you do need to redo some; you can do it on easy and it should register your legendary playthrough as well

I checked Waypoint got all of the badges completed.

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> I checked Waypoint got all of the badges completed.

Still haven’t got it yet.

ya i have been waiting as well. here is a post from last month on it … 343 replies in it saying there working on it but ya i still don’t have mine and all requirements are unlocked…


It’s kind of buggy.

I am using the armor, but it’s showing me at the requisitions that it’s locked.
Also it does not appear as the newest armor in the armory… It’s like under the mark 6 armors or something like that right in the beginning.
I hope you get what I’m trying to say. hahah

and if you can’t find it anywhere complete a mcc mission - those intro/ outro “missions” also count.

good luck!

I still don’t have mine in any way… all my credentials line up… whats the deal!?