Why is this Happening ?

So is anyone else Having trouble with the servers like me ? When i go to Spartan ops this appears - The Halo 4 Server is not available at this time Please try again later.
When i go to War games this appears- The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please Try again later. matchmaking has been switched to using the default playlist.
Following playlist with amount of people

  • Infinity Slayer - 382
  • Big Team Infinity Slayer - 172
  • Regicide - 56
  • Capture The Flag - 33
  • King of the Hill - 18
  • Team Slayer Pro - 20
    As of 2:11 p.m MST

This has been going on since of 11/11/2012 2:58 p.m MST
My NAT is Open and everything else is fine my connection is great in every other game.
Any one know how to fix it i tried deleting everything in halo and re installed it but nothing.
Plus when i play a game my service record doesn’t change it stay the same . The only thing that really changes is the XP i get.

Any one ?

I’ve not heard of anyone having these kinds of issues. My only thought would be to possibly clear your xbox’s cache memory, no idea if it would help. Worth a go though.

Okay I’ll try that.

Still Having these issues as well. I started having trouble around the same time you did. From what I can see this game was not ready to be released when it was. There are way to many issues that revolve around this game. I have been a Halo fan since the first one came out, but I will never buy another game from 343 Industries, nor will I reccommend them to friends. I have wasted 60 dollars on a game that I cannot play because of the developer’s negligence. What a sorry excuse for a Halo…