Why is there STILL no option to disable cross play?

How is it possible for ya’ll to not see that NO ONE wants this ridiculous FORCED cross play!! PC players don’t want it and console players don’t want it.

I appreciate it existing for those who do want to play with cross plat friends. I have friends on PC and in the rare occasion I team with them I definitely appreciate that the option exists.

But when I’m playing solo or only with console friends, I have ZERO interest in matching against PC.

I don’t care if I’m in quick play or ranked or any other mode, I have no patience for you forcing me to compete with insta turn god rigs while I’m stuck with a 10 point sensitivity scale and a controller. SWAT is COMPLETELY unplayable against PC, I mean, how could it go any other way when mnk can turn instantly and only need one bullet for the kill, it’s freakin easymode for PC.

No matter the mode or the control input, it is simply inappropriate to force console players and PC players to match against each other in the competitive setting.

Too many people have been saying this (and it should have been common sense) for you to keep ignoring it.

It’s long past due to add the option to disable cross play without penalty.

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Think it’s detrimental to my skill level not playing with PC players only. Desync and what not, feel like there’s less conflicts without crossplay.

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