Why is there still natural boundaries?

I’m not complaining but this is a legitimate question, why are there still boundaries. It kinda bothered me but my question is for what purpose does it serve? Is it for forge object capacity? Does it have to do with it being the perfect dive for 1024 objects?

The canvas looks absolutely stunning the only problem or complaint I do have is that you can’t go inside the water because there is a kill boundary there too, but hopefully they could change that.

Halo Vanguards video: Forge Video

Well if there were no boundaries map sizes would pretty much be infinite - will make maps lag/framedrops with more objects and stuff on screen etc.

There should be boundaries, but just invisible walls.

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> There should be boundaries, but just invisible walls.

That’d be worse. I personally liked the way Bungie handled Halo 3 boundaries. Turrets, mines, etc. if you go out of bounds. Made things really fun. :slight_smile:

im surprised they put one in there to be honest