Why is there Reach armour in the store that isn't in the battlepass?

Absolutely agree. The pass is literally called Heroes of Reach, it should have everything that Reach had.


I’m mean, nothing was stopping you from seeing what was unlockable in the pass before you bought it.
And just because you ‘thought’ that they would add more to the pass post launch, well, that’s on you really.

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That’s not how capitalism works, if anything this is a great example of how to make horrible buiseness decisions. In capitalism you want to set the price which will lead to the most demand whilst also generating you the most income. This is just a stupid short sighted attempt to get the most amount of money, regardless of long term demand and you can already see that demand is falling as price increases.

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Its times like these I refer to spongebob squarepants
Reporter: “Mr 343i why did you lock microtransactions behind microtransactions”
343i: “money!”

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Yeah I was very surprised to see MkV armor in the store. I assumed the store would only have stuff for the default Mk7 armor since at least the whole population is wearing that for sure. But this, like the core locked coatings, barely makes business sense. It’s kind of incoherent, tbh, and I do not conclude incompetence of devs like people tend to do.

The only possible explanation for this customization mtx method is whoever they hired to design this has never worked on live service premium storefronts.

And I’m extremely confident it’s a person or firm helping devs create what’s essentially the same in-game markets for some or all the games that have it - it’s not just ‘copying fortnite’ they are all functionally identical. Some entity is consulting or directly creating this and filling in the template with the devs content.

Or worse: it’s completely in-house and this person/team should know way better with MCC’s pass/store being common sense inspirations. In fact MCC’s battle passes also started with Reach armor for that game’s inclusion and it’s much better than this.

It doesn’t make sense and I’m too confused to even be angry about it. I don’t care if they reduce the price I’m fine paying - I just want it to make sense.

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I agree, the battlepass should cover all Reach armors, not bits and peices you cut out. Give us the rest 343, put them in place of the challenge swaps already on the Pass!


I just want CQB helmet and Emile’s shoulders!!

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Even if “heroes of reach” was supposed to just cover noble teams armor, it doesn’t even achieve that.

One of Carter’s, one of Jorge’s, and both of Emile’s shoulders will be store exclusive except for in the kits.

In addition to this I’ve seen shoulders, knee pads & helmets on bots that aren’t in the battlepass or one of the above.

Honestly if you’re a big fan of the feeling from previous games on working to complete your armor collection, just put this game down and play something else.


I feel that all noble teams armour and reach classics should be in the pass, even if it’s in the 20 levels coming Dec 8th and shoulders should be in 1 level not 2


I agree, what will happen when the battle pass ends? We won’t be able to get the Mk V [b] or will they put it in another Battle Pass?
The next Battle Pass would be a complete disaster.

It’s ridiculous the monetization needs to just go away I would rather pay $20 for the multiplayer itself then for a single item is genuinely really stupid and I’m starting to get fed up with Halo infinite the challenge system is still getting on my nerves and the supposed 300 XP for your first match of the day is non-existent unless it’s meaning your first match of the week because it says of the day but it doesn’t because I played a game yesterday and I got 300 XP and then I just went on today and I got 100 XP for playing a match if you’re thinking about buying any of the armor pieces or anything in Halo infinite don’t if you don’t own the MCC just save a little extra money and buy the MCC it is absolutely worth it and you definitely get your money’s worth with MCC and there’s also something that I would like to point out there is a YouTube video that I saw recently it’s 36 seconds and it is simply 343i talking about the customization of cosmetic system in the game before it was released the YouTube video is by a channel I don’t really know of but it’s called “FootedGhost” and the name of the video is This did not age well…

Literally in the video you can hear 343i developers say they’re coming at this from a player first mentality and then says if you can unlock something in the battle pass we’re not going to let another player circumvent that by buying it from the store then says that a lot of their stuff is unlocked by playing the game yet there’s not a single item really that’s unlocked from playing the game whatsoever Halo infinite is just not good the gameplay is fine some of the matches feel a bit repetitive and annoying especially when it’s a game mode you’re not really interested in playing which happens a lot.

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lol you can easily look at all the levels of the pass and see what’s in it. y’all who bought it and now complaining must be children and not know how the world works. Money is everything, not hopes and dreams. Good life lesson for you. #didntgetthebattlepass

I find it funny how you’re just sitting here immediately insulting people and calling them children because they’re upset by the battle pass yes we can see everything that’s in the battle pass and it’s underwhelming but see the thing is a lot of people expected that the battle pass would get future items added to it but yet we haven’t seen any of that we’ve just seen more and more items being added to the store and yes money is everything no one doubts that it’s pretty easy to know that money means a lot because well you need it for everything in life however when there’s just a ridiculous amount of microtransactions in Halo the game isn’t going to be making a lot of money in fact it’s going to be pushing out a lot of its consumers instead of actually making a decent amount of money like it would have made if it would have just added the multiplayer to the campaign like every other Halo game

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No I guarantee you it won’t be coming to another battle pass I bet you it’ll go straight to the store and will be $20 or more most likely hopefully not but I bet you it will end up going to the store anyway


At this point I think the answer is obvious and you’re just fuelling an argument which isn’t really relevant.

It’s like saying why do I have to pay for cookies when I pay for a monthly subscription for my coffee.

Imagine buying destiny when it first launched with a hefty 60 quid plus another 20 quid per dlc you sir are privaleged to play this game considering this is what halo originally was

‘hereoes of reach’ you’d thing that would apply to not only Noble team, but to every other spartan on Reach? spartans who wore past and old armors on their MKVB. but i guess anyone who wore things like pilot, jfo, MKV, CQB, Millitary police, most shoulders etc… just don’t exist, ain’t that fun. oh! what, no, they do exist. just behind another paywall… -Yoink!- off 343, -Yoink!- off

There used to be a time when you could pay the full price for the game on day 1, get all the content that it was supposed to include right out of the gates, and unlock all of the cosmetics by actually playing the game and not spending another dime on it. Now im forced to spend extra money if i want to access the customization layer of a game that has always had a reputation for cool customizations.

I’d rather just pay the $60 and abolish the store outright. DLC is another story, but these greedy game companies have destroyed the realm of video game cosmetics.


Yea they were telling the “truth.” You cant buy the battlepass items from the store, but you CAN buy the levels for the batlepass and skip the grind to level completely!!

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Unfortunately people are buying it. I cant telly you how many people I’ve seen wearing the samurai top knot helmet for $20 with the matching sword belt for another $15. I be using the grappleshot to get in just in time to -Yoink!- them before they respawn.