Why is there Reach armour in the store that isn't in the battlepass?

Simple question. Why the hell are we being made to pay twice for some pieces of armour - even the damn knife that was on all the original Reach armour?

I bought the battlepass under the belief that it would have all the Reach armour, and that the remaining armour would be added in once the game is out of ‘beta’. Instead I have to pay another $15 AUD for nothing but shoulders.

This is just ridiculous.

The funny thing is, 343, you would make more money by adding more armour to the battlepass. Nobody’s going to buy it if it doesn’t contain all the Reach armour, and no-one’s going to buy the Reach armour from the store if they don’t have the Mk.V[B] core that’s in the battlepass.


The store sucks. I hate having the store on-top of the battle pass. Make people earn their duds.


I couldn’t agree more. I was devastated to find that my beloved HAZOP helmet wasn’t in the battlepass, if it appears as a shop item I am going to be beyond pissed.

The battlepass is so empty as well. I bought it straight away on faith after 343’s performance with the MCC’s seasons, but now that I’ve realised just how little is actually included I’m regretting my purchase. There’s so much padding, filler, and trash between actual decent unlocks. It makes it even worse when all the content I was expecting actually is in the game, but its locked in the store.

I hate this. There’s no way I’m ever purchasing anything in this game again if serious changes aren’t made.


I noticed it was missing Reach set pieces pretty quickly since one of the pieces I wanted to recreate my Reach Spartan wasn’t avilable…

Well, it actually is available… But only when you unlock Carter - A259 Kit to look like Carter from Reach… Mind you, you cannot customize those kits. I have a screenshot of it on my steam account, but this website won’t allow direct links.

Sadly, you cannot use it even with the Kit unlocked and you cannot customize Character Kits at all. Which means they’re going to give us a different opportunity to “acquire” this somehow.

I’m also curious to how many pieces of gear are not visible yet but are already in the game now. Has anyone data mined this game yet? I know promo items aren’t visible till you unlock them either.

I don’t like it when you hide all the options so that people can’t pick ahead of time what gear they want to shoot for. This ontop of them forcing bundles instead of allowing people to pick individual pieces.


Its extremely disappointing. Definitely will not be giving money to 343 with these ridiculous prices.

If they had put all of the Reach armor in the Battle Pass I would have bought it.

Purchasing the Battle Pass gives you permission to purchase more items? Disrespectful.


CAUSE MONEY! Capitalism. Preying on your love for -Yoink!- space armor.


Because there can be?

The battlepass didn’t suggest you’d unlock all the reach armor

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It wasn’t an unreasonable expectation. In fact I’d say its more reasonable to assume it would have.

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You could think that, but the battlepass does lay out everything you have access to.

If anything I’m starting to think that weekly/daily limited offerings is not the way to go, and a catalogue would be a better choice to go about it.


I’m thinking the better way to go would be to actually include the content in the Battle Pass. I’d actually buy it if it were the case.


That might be, but regardless this needs a change


$10 for a massive amount of cosmetics in a free game? You’re dreaming. Unless I’m misunderstanding the complaint, but Reach had a crap-ton of cosmetics. Anyone asking for that on a seasons pass buy-in in an FTP game needs to hook me up with their supplier.

The pass was never obfuscated or its content hjdden, everyone had free access to review all 100 levels to verify what was there before purchasing. Is it frustrating that the things you want aren’t there? Sure. Were you hoodwinked? Bamboozled? Not in the slightest.

Given that the name of the pass is “Heroes of Reach” I’m not sure why anyone would have assumed that all “Reach” originated sets would be in the pass. The “heroes” of Reach were Noble team, not the abundant selection of armor that the player had access too. If it was advertised as such then fair enough, but I don’t recall that ever being the case.


This would be my chief complaint with microtransactions across all games. All these games would stand to make more money by allowing piecemeal purchases and posting that seasons store as a full catalog.

I’m aware that the Battle Pass is viewable before hand, which is the exact reason I did not purchase it. That doesn’t detract how hollow it is and frankly insulting to long time Halo fans and players.

Don’t start with the subtle downtalk, I’m tired of wallet warriors defending 343.

Perhaps because it is recycled content
Or the fact that they’re still going to make a killing in profit from the campaign sales so they are hardly dependent on the F2P aspect
Or that fact that if 100,000 players bought the Battle Pass that they’d still reel in $1,000,000 in revenue, which I can promise far surpasses all development costs for the Reach armor’s rendering.

These are extremely raw deals and F2P is just an excuse to price gauge people like you who are willing to justify terribly predatory business practices and continue to help in the degradation of the industry.


The answer is money. If they know people will buy armor pieces like these, they’ll reserve them for the highest buyer.

(Also OP, that’s a FANTASTIC point. Anyone who doesn’t get sold on the battlepass is an immediate loss with a large amount of store items.)


Explain the insult, if you would. You’re getting an entire Halo MP game for free, if you ignore the pass and the shop. Such a thing hasn’t happened in the history of the franchise. You could buy one bundle at $20 and thays all you’ve ever spent, and you’re still getting the MP suite for only $20 bucks. Comparing Infinite to previous Halo titles isn’t some slam dunk argument for more stuff, gaming as an industry has changed a lot since the last Halo title, and even more so since the last Halo title that gave us a legitimately deep customization system (of which there were only 2 BTW, Halo 4 and Reach).

I assure you I wasn’t attempting to be subtle, I’m tired of dramatic hyperbole and misrepresentation being used to argue how “ripped off” everyone is because their free game doesn’t have enough free content, or isn’t free in the way they’d like to be. There are legit issues with how this game approaches FTP, that things cost money isn’t one of them. This isn’t about defending 343i, it’s about keeping people honest.

The game had a rumored 500mil budget, the campaign would have to sell around 8.4 million units to break even of that development budget. Breaking even is not considered making a profit, let alone “making a killing”. This also doesn’t consider that Infinite is intended to be a persistent, 10 year project, meaning it will have persistent costs.

Based on comparisons to much older games, yes, it’s a raw deal. When compared to its main competitor, the pricing of the pass, as well as pricing and management of the shop are mostly par for the course. To get access to most (not all) of the MP characters in CoD, you’d have had to buy 3 individual full priced titles. The rest of the characters and the considerable majority of cosmetics are paywalled, and CoD has been printing billions with its approach to WZ. Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.

Lastly, as a footnote, don’t make assumptions about what I spend my money on, you’d be very wrong in assuming I blindly support FTP.


I bought the battle pass because I really liked Spartan IIIs and their Mark V[B] armor variants. To find out that some of that armor needs to be purchased outside of the ‘Heroes of Reach’ battle pass is just disappointing and I refuse to pay a dollar more for them. Why did the battle pass not contain exclusively Reach themed armor sets and have Mark VII purchasable and unlockable in challenges?

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Incredibly insulting considering all this content and more was available for free at launch in Halo Reach. I could spend $100 on top of paying $100 for the campaign and still have nowhere near as much customization.


Oh well, it’s not like they were even good reach pieces anyway.

Hahaha no not good pieces…. Not yet anyways.

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