Why is there only one BTB map with Wasp spawns?

Air vehicles and tanks should be regular on all BTB maps. It’s sort of the point of thee game mode. BTB is pretty boring without it.


Kind of glad it isn’t TBH. It is a little too dominant and if a team gets both wasps that is not a fun game.


Not really. Every map has snipers, Spikers, Warthogs, Rocket Hogs, Hydra to take out aircraft. If anything the Wasp is incredibly vulnerable.

Having them only on 1/4 maps is just boring. They should at the very least also be on Deadlock because it’s completely insufferable to play on otherwise.


BTB 2.0 is more like BTB 0.5 in my opinion. I used to love loading BTB in H3, fighting over a Banshee or a Tank and have a crazy game with vehicles all over the place now we have a BTB with “people” all over the place, vehicles are a rare sight unless a Wasp spawns or a Tank is dropped.

To this day, besides the 1 time I drove a Tank for 3 seconds during the Beta, I’ve only driven the Tank in the Fiesta playlist… I’ve seen more vehicle uses in the Fiesta playlist (in small maps) than in BTB!


bungie halos were so much better in btb. vehicles had better and more open places to drive. i also believe sprinting put this “always be moving” mindset into players so theres no waiting for vehicles or group play on respawn anymore. thinking about it now though i dont think they can do this because if things were more open mouse players would probably dominate because of longer ranges were aim assist isnt as strong.

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It’s actually in two BTB maps, Fragmentation and Highpower. I have not seen in it on breaker and deadlock though.

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deadlock with wasps would be better yeah

did they add wasp spawn to frag? idr even seeing one dropped in on that map

What they need to do, is alter the Pelican drops so that they always spawn the same rotation of vehicles on a map-to-map basis.

So like, on Fragmentation for example:

1:00 it always spawns Ghosts

2:00 it always spawns Gungooses

3:00 it always spawns Banshees

4:00 it always spawns Ghosts

5:00 it always spawns Scorpions

6:00 it always spawns Choppers


With the vehicles that are natively spawning on the map used as consistent vehicles when they respawn. Most maps have Warthogs, one has a couple of Ghosts, one has the Wasps.

Also, why are the Wasps just placed on the map, instead of set up with vehicle spawners like how every other vehicle in the game is handled? It’s weird.


It is not in Fragmentation no. One might rarely randomly spawn in from a Pelican drop, but there are no dedicated spawns.

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Oh we’re talking about dedicated spawns, I see.

There are already far too many wasp on Highlander.
For a assassin gamemode, I’m okay to have full of vehicle aerian, but in objectives mode, they shouldn’t be so much wasp,

Please no more wasps :joy: - especially given they’ve now been announced on the list to be buffed…

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