Why Is There No Report Button

I’ve had multiple matches where people rage quit, and literally just finished a game where a teammate went 0-14 because he tried to kill me all game while I avoiding him killing me I would run into the enemy team at half or no shields and just die. People like this need to get banned from the game/matchmaking and there is no easy way to do so… what is up with that 343?

We suffered for years without a proper reporting system in MCC and it’s just disappointing that it seems halo history is repeating itself.


I think it’s rather ironic that 343 won’t add a report function but will remove the “All” text and voice chats to curb “toxicity”

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I was so annoyed in my last game that I couldn’t just mid game with the dude killing me just report him and get on with the game. Even if he kept on killing me in ranked, i’m annoyed, but as long as action is taken against him so nobody else has to deal with his BS in ranked i’m fine with that. not to mention he was terrible regardless if he killed me or not so he wasn’t going places in the game anyways :laughing:

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