Why is there no FFA or Team Doubles playlists of any kind?

Both of these playlists have been staples in every past online halo. A lot of times players don’t have a full team to play with or they want to put just there own skills to the test without having to worry about teammates bringing them down, or them bringing other teammates down.

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They probably thought that two random playlists would appeal to enough people. And given how the associated press hasn’t railed on them yet, they probably won’t mess with that until launch.

(Unless they do. You never know…)

Yeah, i wanted to see what infection was like. but it’s still a beta. we gotta keep that in mind

It’s a beta that has been in development for many many years, and goes full release in 18 days. It has also been stated that these are the launch playlists. Has there ever been a Halo multiplayer launch without some form of Lone Wolves or FFA?

While I don’t advocate doing things just because we did them in the past, I do agree that FFA should be included in both casual and ranked modes. It’s a different kind of Halo. My only assumption is that they want game finding to be instant and don’t want to fragment the player base across too many playlists. They also want to collect data about what people like, but I don’t know how successful they will be. Is anybody rating the maps and modes? You have to dig to find it.

And furthermore, how can you get data about whether people like FFA without offering FFA?

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Halo 5 and Halo MCC stats I imagine. I know FFA isn’t a permanent ranked playlist (or any playlist) in H5 or ranked playlist in MCC which boggles my mind. A lot of solo players seem to be moving towards Solo queue playlists instead of FFA.

I’m not the biggest FFA lover of all time, but it is a staple of Halo matchmaking and I still enjoy it in customs.

My doubles partner doesn’t have to an Xbox right now, but the lack of Doubles playlist is unforgivable. I’m not sure when it will come but it surely has to be soon. There aren’t too many maps I can see being super fun for doubles unfortunately. Aquarius would be good, Reacharge probably the best map for it, Streets okay.

They essentially have no playlists at all…its only team objective, and sometimes slayer.