Why is there a quick play?

Quick play is pointless as there are already enough social slayer matches. It is just taking players away from more important matches


It’s a holdout from when it was one of the only playlists in the game and the only way to play Team Slayer.

I don’t dislike the idea of a quickplay playlist, but as it stands today they either need to remove Slayer from the game mode rotation or add a Team Objectives playlist.


Tbh, quickplay should be “every mode in the game, just get in a game as fast as possible”

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If I understood the preview report for season 2 correctly, there will be new and different playlists for season 2.

Which starts in a few days. We will see.

There are a few Slayer Playlist. Where are the “objective only” Playlist?
Im playing only “Quickplay” and Ranked because there i have the chance to play objective gamemode.