Why is the Warden Eternal boss fights hard

For me the Warden is hard af. You have to hit him in one spot to damage him. I can’t aim so use the famous Xbox auto aim, but that don’t work. I mean I got though the first reach mission on normal and that was hard. Halo 3 flood mission where you save blue lady was hard and was on easy. They shouldn’t have buffed everything to make it harder. I mean LTN before Minecraft did a list on hardest grunts and halo 5 is the hardest, that shows that halo 5 enemy’s are hard. I can’t even get past the warden fight where you fight two. Its like COD skill based matchmaking easy at first but then hard. The three wardens at the ending on hard mode is super hard, aka halo 2 jackal sniper mode. They should have made the Warden like big bad monke from halo 2. At least do 1 to fight where every time you kill him he gets weaker for the next fight. Why is he so hard

Yeah I have no idea why it was made so difficult, especially that part where you had to fight three at once. I tried so many times and I kept dying. So glad there was a way to skip that section.

simple he is a bullet sponge with alot of one hit kills.
but then again he is a boss fight.
good strategy is to pop in and out of cover, or shoot at him from over the horizon of a incline. that way he cannot hit you and you can hit him easier.

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Which I mean it is also to me like the COD WWII tank mission. I mean for some people like a no hit run it took them 2 to 3 hours to beat on easy. Not saying halo was like COD but halo was like COD in four the multiplayer was like COD, same with halo 5 but both things in five were. The fight is hard af like I said before.

H5 was made more difficult because it was designed as a 4 player coop first and single player last. The problem is that your AI buddies suck hard and you really need at least one friend to play to even it out.

@l_Bergs_l good point also because its online coop and your friend has to get the game and have a Xbox account. The Lego games and Minecraft have that coop on point. At least infinite will have coop not online but have to wait till next year at may to play it with another human being, not just AI that feel the void of having no friends to play with.

If you can get a scattershot and shoot him in the core it does big damage and if you stagger him you can keep staggering him because of the insane damage.

Thanks might try that. Saw a youtuber do a walkthough of it like radbrad or tmarnt2 idk which and they did that. If the AI who plays a blue team will help and could be like the lore, it would really help the AI for Linda knew how to be a crack shot with the sniper to kill him like they would in the lore. Just went on a rant yay. But thanks for the info about that am way better than the last time I played five. Most of the aim is from auto aim like in RDR1 or GTA 5. But have done GOW and think I can beat him. Thanks tho @Freeland7

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Also forerunner weapons seem to do more damage to him in general. Also you don’t have to hit his weak spot on his back it just does more damage. You can eventually chip away at his health without ever hitting his weak spot. I think his face also counts as a weak spot too. Basically you need to get good at avoiding his attacks and then just slowly work him down. Or you can do the shotgun to the back thing, that works too.

He was a poorly made boss. That’s all.

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that fight is skippable, all you do is hop into one of the man cannons and at the apex (just b4 you start to fall back down) thrust toward the ramp and ground pound onto the ledge it forms from

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Did you miss my final sentence?

ooops lol my bad, sorry i just woke up

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Well that aged poorly like really aged poorly. Said like the Ron Burgundy meme That Escalated Quickly forget the name of the movie and one google search later and it’s Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy remember seeing that on MTV or VH1 Idk which.