Why is the US getting all this stuff

I dont get why the US is getting so much double xp, camos etc promotional stuff as well as a collectors edtion? Just don’t get why they just dont bother with the rest of the world i means its not hard most of the promational stuff they are using is avaliable in so many other countries just dont see how its fair to exclude so many other players unless you want to buy them online at stupid prices.


That’s a good question. Things like Halo: Infinite collectors edition and more, for the rest of the world outside the US is very hard if nigh impossible to acquire.

I’ve noticed this ‘only the USA matters’ trend a lot. But this is but another reason why they are labelled yanks. They like to yank their own chain and mostly only care about themselves.

No offense intended.


I could be completely wrong here, but I’d guess it comes down to budgeting and the potential return on investment. Rockstar isn’t throwing Infinite double xp on its cans out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s because they’re being paid a lot of money to do so by Microsoft . Having your promotion added to each region their product is sold (UK, Russia, etc.) probably inflates the cost substantially for each extra region. So while there are Halo fans in those areas, the number of them might just not be large enough to justify the price it would cost to have double xp on the rockstar cans there.

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But they claim to care about those in the minority. And ‘accessibility’.

I guess that preaching is hollow… Right?


Well ‘accessibility’ in terms of how they use it I believe is more referencing making sure everyone can play the game regardless of handicaps, color blindness, etc. Not advertising materials. Marketing promotions don’t prevent people from being able to play the game.

I get that it must be frustrating not having access to certain things that grant double xp, but that definitely is a business exec decision. Not a developer level one, the people who actually try to make the game as accessible as possible to everyone.


As far as licensing, contracts, contest rules, and a whole bunch more: You can’t just copy paste it across countries. There is A LOT of red tape and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of which has costs because you have to do demographic research, legal research, contract prep, planning, logistics & distribution, etc.

Plus each brand has to pay into these events as the trade off. So every Rockstar can code entered is technically paid for. So the USA is going to have the highest ROI in Halo promotional spending compared to Canada, UK, etc. Not to mention the install base for consoles/PC here.

It’s especially crazy how there has been enough time with the delay that the non-compete clause for Monster ran it’s course for Rockstar to come in within the same region. I’m curious if we’ll circle back around to Game Fuel again too.

@Sparhawk122 In addition to above, as far as saturation goes: 2/3rds of American households have a console/PC/gaming hardware, whereas Brits are about 1/5th. Which means the number of Americans that likely play games is ballpark about 3x-4x the number of the entire British population So if someone “Yanked” budget to push the same exact promos in the UK regions (not even factoring in logistics fees/Brexit) their head would be served on a silver platter to the executive board…

Another example:
Pop: 38M
GDP: $1.3T

Just the State of California (which is 4% the landmass of Canada)
Pop: 39.5M
GDP: $3.0B+

Mind you we’re talking about an American franchise on an American console here. Yet Sony routinely apportions the majority of it’s marketing budget and release priority to the USA for the same reasons.


It doesn’t make any sense what you said