Why is the top download always station 434

Since the file browsers release the top download for default settings on waypoint is station 434…This isnt possible…the map has peaked on downloads for quite some time and should theoreticaly no longer be on top download…nothing against the map, but why doesnt it circulate, EVERY time i look its the first one on the list of maps.

This does indeed appear to be a bug, and it affects both the game and the web-based File Browser.

Most Downloaded and Most Recommended are predefined searches and should be configured to only show files whose Date Created is within the last seven days. The file you’re referring to was created in November, so it definitely shouldn’t be showing up in those searches. So I think this problem stems from one of two possibilities.

A. All of the file types have their own separate copies of the “Most Downloaded” and “Most Recommended” searches, and the searches for map variants are improperly configured to limit their results to “All Time” instead of “Last Week”.

B. The search backend itself is broken in some bizarre way that only affects map variants.

the guy who created it must feel lucky lol

You can see that a lot of the maps on the most downloaded say they were modified on a future date. I’m not sure what kind of black magic this is, but it’s kind of embarrassing that 343 hasn’t done anything about it. I believe the one you mentioned has a November 2013 date attached.