Why is the radar range so bad?

It doesnt make sense how they made the motion sensor range so low, all while having super fast gameplay with sprinting? If the gameplay is gonna be that fast then the radar range needs to be larger to compensate. Barely any point in having it in the game atm. Looking at it means you will get killed unless u are camping. Its annoying when 343 keeps making mistakes game after game with the gameplay design. Do anyone really like the sprinting gameplay? On small maps its just a pure mess. It already takes some time to kill a player, and by the time your finished with him you are most likely dead too by all the others sprinting to get a free kill. Yall having a laugh 343 ?


It’s a tiny bit smaller then in other Halo games. But it’s far from bad. You’re just not used to it. You’re going to have to look a little bit more then in previous titles instead of relying on the motion tracker to find enemies for you.

This is the current max range of 4 vs 4 though:

And enemies can show up beyond it if they’re making enough racket. The outer edge of the motion tracker will light up to their general direction.


I preferred no sprint Halo to sprint Halo until Infinite. I think they’ve got the perfect balance in this game and it creates some fun movement options.

Radar range doesn’t bother me. I barely use it.

Was super easy to punish worse players with the radar in Halo 3. Poor guys couldn’t catch a break. Really slowed down the gameplay in high level TS too. Camo useless.


When they did that Tactic Op event a handful of weeks ago it was pretty obvious how overly reliant people were with the motion tracker. They’d go flying around everyone without actually looking to their surroundings at first.

Hell, with the mangler, I started making it a habit to track people via their foot steps and would shoot and melee people over and over again when they came at me from around corners for easy kills.

People have been waaaay too coddled with motion tracker from these games.


I still find the radar range pretty terrible, especially when it comes to FFA. In a game mode like that where you have small Arena maps, where everyone that isn’t you is an enemy, and my game constantly results in me getting jumped so easily without so much as a blip on my radar is pretty bad. When all that your radar does is put you at a disadvantage when you take the split second to glance at it just as an enemy is about to put you in their sights is really bad.

Whenever I’m on the Attic Ledge in Recharge in particular and my radar can’t alert me to the guy coming up from Long Hall or the Attic Room behind me until it’s too late, I’ve long considered it practically useless in Arena.

I’ve found my complaints about it lessening in BTB though and I think the upcoming changes to motion sensor to offer a long-range alert system when people are shooting or performing other actions will end up eliminating any problems I have with it in a BTB setting. I think it’ll help in Arena as well but until they implement it and get a feel for it myself I still think the base range of it needs to be increased for Arena in particular.


They should eliminate the radar entirely.

I remember when the standard used to be 25m in pretty much every other Halo game (with the exception of ODST, given that it opted to avoid the radar to emphasis the ODST vibes). It was a pretty much decision to bring it down to 18m for arena maps and only 25m for BtB maps. It should just be 25m across the board.


Perfectly good Ranked for that if you don’t want it :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo Infinite is the only game where I’ve had a problem with the motion sensor.

I think I heard Halo 5 had something going on with their motion sensors but I think I stopped playing it by the time that happened.

it’s honestly such a small range that i’ve honestly NEVER used it. every time i play the game, i space it out of my mind because it’s so useless unless the enemy is hugging you

I’ve had no issues with the range of the radar, but the game plays so much better without it, imo.

Tbh, I really enjoyed that first flight radar.


I liked the first flight radar too, it was another way to balance sprint.

i was a poor player in halo 3 and i crutched on the radar so i dont understand that statement.

Only issue i see with the radar is when people hide behind corners. i think the radar should sense people hiding within the radar but not reveal their location.

You could easily use the radar to bait players that used it as a crutch, as well as always hitting a perfect nade on them whenever they approached you for an easy instant kill.

Also made games of Construct incredibly slow paced in ranked if both teams knew what they were doing. One team trapped down the basement.

i said i used it as a crutch, not to run at people like bots. I could use the radar and would win most close range enounters because i ccoulld apply damage and reserve my life much more efficiently just by reading radar even though my gun skill and knowledge of halo was average at best.

I always thought the radar added a lot of depth to halo because you ccould see the battlefield without your teams communication. Much more fun to me and probably most solo players. I feel like the radar allowed players to exxperiance what full communicating teams play halo llike in some way. Halo infinite needs a good radar along with its spotting system so everyone can enjoy halos unique gameplay at its finest. Matchmaking with no radar doesnt work well in a game like halo.

I like to play gears of war which has similar qualities to halo and even though that game doesnt have a radar, it essentially has one. Its easy to scan the battlefield in third person plus gears doesnt have a lot of geometry hiding players, its mostly smalll pieces of cover. My point is, team play is more fun when everyone has a good enough picture of the battlefield by default because matchmaking works better. Thats not always true, classic radar ruined halo 5 so the gameplay is important too for good matchmaking. Halo is not fun if you are getting stomped or doing the stomping.

construct is not a well balanced map.

In Gears, players can approach without you knowing which side of an object they are going to take as they have many cubic structures to fight around (think plantpots on Gridlock). It’s the same on Halo without radar.

The radar means that your approach is obvious. This means in high level games the game is slowed down tremendously by it, especially on slow maps like The Pit.

Just find radar boring. It’s too easy and gives too much information.

It’s bad because the radar scaling is messed up.


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Unpopular opinion, but Halos radar is outdated and needs a total rework.

I ask myself what is it for? And ultimately, the primary purpose of radar is to know when someone is behind you. And there has to be a better way to notify players when an enemy is at the 3, 6 or 9-o-clock position that doesn’t require a half-useless disc taking up a corner of the on screen real estate.

That said, infinite’s radar did add that edge detection which is almost game changing. And I respect it. Ultimately tho, I feel radar could be done better. Just not sure how.

in gears, players can look around those plantpots without ever engaging in combat. third person simply gives you much more awareness than first person.

high level halo play doesnt need radar since im sure everyone will be communicating. communication is a big part of halo for it to work. Im just saying, in matchmaking most people dont communicate so if you want people to really experiance halo, they need radar so that they can combat another team who might all be communicating. You dislike radar because you enjoy communicating which is fine but most people dont communicate so they need to be accommodated to. Most of the playlists should be with a radar.

shouldnt it be more about your pov? your back should be a bit vulnerable. i remember having an idea where you can essentially see through walls with the range of a radar, basically xray vision which is kinda what radar is.

Even in third person you can’t see which side they’ll come from until they do.

Sometimes I use my mic in ranked, sometimes I don’t. You don’t generally need radar because of footsteps and inferred information. You don’t need communication to know where most players are most of the time.