Why is the Matchmaking so Horrible?!

Whenever I play with my friends in slayer, we are all platinums or lower and we get put against Onxy players who destroy us. The only way to get to Onyx is to grind like 500 games and it is the most aggravating thing about Halo 5 in my opinion. Also the 4th person that gets put on our team always goes like 1 and 15 or is AFK the whole time. 343 please do something.

Going by your arena records you are just raging a bit. In the last three days of arena you have 9 wins and 8 losses… you also have 453 wins to 387 losses over all… seems like ok matchmaking to me.

Looking at your last game, you were a Platinum 3 and had another Platinum 3, a Diamond 2 and a Diamond 4 on your team. You were up against an unranked player who eventually became a Diamond 6, another unranked player who eventually became a Diamond 1, another unranked player once again who eventually became a Diamond 1 and yet another unranked player whose highest ever CSR was Diamond 1. This makes perfect sense, as they beat you to get to their current ranks.

To be completely honest, the teams were more or less fair. The reason the game put you up against these people was because these people needed to be placed, and thus they were put up against above average players (you guys) so that their rank could be determined. If you want an even better matched game, search with the “focused” preference.

no, you just want to get in and use us bronze players as test dummies but 343 sees that you are higher level that requires you to be matched with similar. if you a try hard diamond you need a onyx opponent to come in and soften you up a little. this is so you can calm down and stop being so much of a try hard because an even bigger try hard onyx can show you just how irritating you are to us. thank YOU 343!