Why is the mantis so useless?

Its a freaking level 8 req.

It gets destroyed by battle rifle fire quite quickly.

The machine gun has horrible accuracy and takes way to long to kill unless youre right next to them. If youre right next to them youre getting boarded and one hit to death.

I wish they would buff it.

I have no clue. I think it’s a joke vehicle, and am tempted to just sell them all. Inaccurate machine gun that overheats, inaccurate missiles that take too long to charge. Weak armor. It’s “extra maneuverability” isn’t much to boast about. The mantis trys to be a multiple things, but fails at them all. Mixing a rocket-hog, warthog and infantry into one vehicle sounds great in practice, but just doesn’t work.

I bought one once in an attempt to help my team kill the Warden Eternal in Warzone. It made very little to no damage to the Warden and I had to continuously seek cover to allow my shields to recover after all the BR damage I had taken. Then just as I was about to kill the Warden four players from the other team rushed my Manits and destroyed it with no power weapons. Of coarse, I wasn’t able to kill any of them because my machine gun was overheated and the rockets were charging… yay…

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this. In Halo 4 I thought it could be a bit more powerful, but when you put it up against the Halo 5 sandbox, it just feels completely useless. Especially considering the fact that it’s considered such a high-level REQ. Maybe if it was a rank 5 REQ then I might use a few, but even then I’d struggle to validate using one over a Wraith.

two words. ONI. mantis.

> 2533274822595249;5:
> two words. ONI. mantis.

Two words. One number.

Level. 9. REQ.

Vehicles in Halo 5 are more susceptible to any damage specially infantry. Have 3-5 guys shoot at your Ghost with BR/AR’s, its toast unless it is an upgrade variant.

People complained in H4 that mantis is way too op, so I guess they now made it weaker. Phaeton is more common to see used than Mantis.

Even in Halo 4 it was extremely vulnerable to boarding, for a mech with a cockpit a dozen feet or so off the ground it sure is easy for infantry to hop on and one-shot it. It’s main defense for that when they get to close is it’s Stomp, but the AoE doesn’t cover you like it should to serve as a reasonable counter. It’s fragile just like it’s namesake and often ends up with the same fate…


dies in 2 scorpion shells gg

> 2533274819667356;7:
> Vehicles in Halo 5 are more susceptible to any damage specially infantry. Have 3-5 guys shoot at your Ghost with BR/AR’s, its toast unless it is an upgrade variant.

I wouldnt mind it taking damage it just needs to be able to do damage in return. Its machine gun is a joke.

Probably a siege vehicle to push your team to victory. The team is in front killing guys while you in the mantis kill more guys. Win/Win. Be sure to be in the clear and attack from afar, like the scorpian tank. Its like why put scorpian tank in front. Let it sit behind blowing away enemies. If your team is in front, then its gonna be really hard for the enemy team to get to your scorpian tank. I would try to never go past the armory. Because allies spawn there, your team takes the hit not you. If its Escape from Arc make sure your team pushes them all the way to their home base. You put them in a choke hold.

Agreed, I never have a thought to use them

I used my one mantis, and I feel like it was the clunkiest thing to maneuver. I played it on the snow warzone map, (Pardon my unknowledge of map names) and my Mantis had quite the hard time getting through the fortress, the big building in the middle that lets you get to the other team. Maybe I’d use the mantis if I could jump around in it, but really it’s a trash vehicle as it is. The scorpion is better, and that’s a level 6 REQ if I remember correctly. I’d even say the ghost is a better vehicle.

The mantis and the tank need! Repeat! NEED! A similar ability to electric smoke on titanfal, even if it’s only one use just to shake of a spartan that jumps on board.

I agree base Mantis should not be ultra rare as it is not as tough as a some lower req vehicles, at least lower it to 6 like a banshee ( which also has shields but can be squishy )

What I hate is that they took out the ability to fire rockets individually, it’s all or nothing. In Halo 4 that’s what separated a good Mantis player from a bad one; A guy who spams all his rockets using the charged shot and missing half vs. A guy who shot one at a time, making sure each one connected.

Having to dump the entire load and being forced to wait for a refill every time you use it is not fun and takes away a good deal of strategy it had in 4.

It certainly feels like they nerfed the mantis like crazy.

I had a fiddle around the map guillotine by myself and wandered around in the mantis, and I have to say, it took too damn long to kill a non moving non occupied ghost with everything the mantis had to offer.

Several stomps (which used to be a force to be reckoned with) , several missile barrages (which I’ll add, I dont like the new fire all 5 at once thing) and sustained fire from the main gun took far too long to kill a measly ghost.

Halo 4 mantis great, Halo 5 mantis not so great. Still love walking around and the idea of it though, would be sweet if they bring it back to former glory, maybe even add a splaser or gauss variant?

The Mantis should have a lower REQ, however it is a balanced vehicle. It plays as a Mantis, not as a tank. Too often do I see mantises charge straight into a bad situation and get completely destroyed. This isn’t the mantis fault it’s the user’s fault. I’d highly encourage passive use with the mantis because:
1.Sheild Regent Ability prevents structural damage (longer time to use)
2. Weapon cool down is lengthy
3. Maneuverability to adjust to a more ideal location
Its just not a tank that’s why it gets shredded by BRs. It should be used more for support.

Sounds like user error.