Why is the Magnum no longer precise?

Since Halo 2 the Magnum isn’t as precise as the God Magnum from Halo: Combat Evolved. We all know that nowadays a pistol can’t be better than a rifle, but this is HALO! Halo broke the rules, and therefore, the Magnum could be as powerful as a rifle for me. I’m talking about no bloom on it, or slight bloom.

I know the pistol won’t change, but how would you like it to be?

I owned last night with the pistol in reach its pretty good just needs 2-3 more bullets

From what I’ve seen, the Magnum is now more precise because of less bloom, and has more shots in the clip (don’t quote me on that, I might be wrong).

Because how can something with a six inch barrel be precise. Now thinking unrealisticly it’s because in Halo CE it was a primary now it’s a secondary so it shouldn’t be better or as good as a primary weapon. It should never return to the Halo CE magnum that was way OP.

On a side note in classic slayer in Reach why was the magnum returned to its power but the AR didn’t or any other weapon.

Simply put, it would effect balance. A skilled person with a magnum in Halo:CE couldn’t be touched for the most part.

Because it has to feel like a secondary now.

This would be the stats of my ideal Pistol:
-5 shot kill
-0.3 sec rate of fire
-1.2 sec kill time
-10 bullet clip
-Slightly more accurate than Reach TU Pistol.

Because we have rifles now.

The pistol has got to be good as to compete with noob combo.

The pistol unbroken sidearm seems to be more precise than the reach and halo 3 one. The ODST one was quite precise but it did not have the same power the new one has.

The magnum is plenty “Precise” in fact the Halo 4 magnum looks more precise than Halo CE’s ever was.

It just lacks the raw power. But whenever I see someone use it in Halo 4, it seems plenty good enough at keeping up with BRs.

I haven’t heard any verification of this… is there still scope for the Halo 4 pistol?

> I haven’t heard any verification of this… is there still scope for the Halo 4 pistol?

Yes. Halo 4 magnum has scope. And yes you can scope while Flagnuming as well.

The reach magnum is plenty accurate and I seem to remember both ODST and Halo 2 having precision

Pistol looks like it’s making a good comeback.

CE: very accurate, not godly accurate as some people claim (it had spread). But it was godly powerful

Halo 2: inaccurate, most of the time you have to burn through half the clip to land a headshot on one enemy
ODST: godly accurate, balanced by recoil

Halo 3: very accurate, it’s just that it had a pathetic RoF and no scope

Default Reach: inconsistently accurate
TU Reach: somewhat accurate
ZB Reach: very accurate (still had spread)

Halo 4: accurate, reliable (being properly treated as a sidearm: faster animation)

I hate the CE magnum. It’s overpowered and horribly overrated.