Why is the 'full release' multiplayer worse than the 'beta'?

Seriously, it’s somehow a regression from the Beta. I had to put the game down because of how unplayable it now is. I could deal with some of the broken things before, because they happened on both sides: broken melee, broken spawns, broken hitreg, etc. Now it’s every single game.

It’s crazy how everything feels even worse. I’m getting 1 hit melee’d from full shields. I’m emptying whole clips in people and they’re taking absolutely no damage from my bullets ( just like h ttps://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/raj1j0/fired_8_shots_missed_1_and_7_do_not_register_my/ ). 4-5 melee hits on AFK players don’t kill. Spawns are now completely stacked on one team. I’m getting 250-2 wins on Strongholds, in RANKED because the enemy team keeps getting spawn trapped between 4 of us. I’m losing 0-5 flags because the enemy team now ALWAYS spawns on their flag, with the exception of spawning on our flag when they’re moving it.

What the hell happened? Did 343 trip on the ‘playable’ switch and turned it off?


I’ve actually been experiencing this all the time. Even back in the flights. I posted a few times about the inconsistency of everything. Both in my favor and against me. It’s as if the whole MP is randomness. The game is choosing and changing how everything performs every new game. But it does seem to have gotten worse, not with the official release, but back when they changed the xp the 2nd time. Since then it’s even more inconsistent.

Kinda like the EA sports games. I heard there is some issues over there. But I don’t play sports games, or multiplayer so I could just suck, which is also true.

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Spawns definitely feel way worse now for some reason. Don’t know if they toned back the range or what, but my team can be spread out, not all too far from each other, on a good section of the map. Enemies spawn on their side, relative to us, no issue. As soon as someone isn’t in a base then their entire team starts spawning their behind us, and it’s not like it’s far away either. Just weird

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