Why is the AR so good?

Why is a weapon you start with and requires almost no skill to use so powerful? A skilled player using a sidekick should have no problem dominating a noob that does nothing but spams the AR all game but now a lot of skilled players are using the AR over a precision weapon because it is incredibly easy to use and it’s insanely powerful. There is no downside to it unlike the sidekick that actually requires skill to use. Why is it so easy to clean up unshielded players now and why does it do the same damage at all ranges? I’m not a great player by no means but I can consistently beat sidekick users when I use the AR which should not happen.


The sidekick absolutely rips the AR apart. No questions asked. Depends on the range tho.

Don’t underestimate yourself. There are some completely thumbless potatoes online.


Actually, yes this should happen and happen often.
From a logical stance this is what should happen… Just because old school halo broken ideas have been around a long time, doesn’t mean we should have to keep them.

Why wouldn’t we spawn with good weapons? Pickups are to spice up the game and give a unique advantage that can still be overcome by the starting weapons.
Otherwise, getting the power weapons would just be the whole game.
Starting weapon can’t suck.
Starting weapon would be automatic and not a semi burst rifle.
It is just more logical. Why would most soldiers go with burst weapons?
I get it. And halo changed to burst weapon or precision but this is just another incident of how Halo HAS TO BE. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other to be Halo.
These devs aren’t making these decisions for nothing. It makes more sense… Maybe they will change it or create a BR Playlist. But AR starts are indeed Halo.


In most shooters holding down the trigger is a common thing. Skill is never questioned with automatics in general.

Halo competitive latched onto the BR in the early stages. This weapon is a burst weapon. A lot of people consider a paced shot instead of an automatic as more skillful.

This contuined on even in games like Halo 4. Or reach with a dmr. There always has been a one shot or paced weapon that was considered skill.

It looks like 343 wants to balance both. Halo 5 started out with automatics in HCS and it eventually made it’s way out. Even in ranked infinite you can pick up an AR.

All the social playlists do the same thing. Just without the BR as a start.

Over all I think the AR should not be a start weapon. It’s fine as a pick up. The sidekick is desinged exactly how it’s named. If the sidekick was to become the main weapon it would have to change.

An experimental start I would like to see is the camando and the sidekick. Two precise feeling weapons. It would fill the role of an auto but it will also feel more rewarding to get a kill with instead of holding down and spraying.

Trust me. The sidekick is no slouch by any means. Learn it and it rewards you. A truly fearsome competitor to the AR.


I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years I know how to use the weapons but when the risk is too high for the reward of using a more skillful weapon then there’s no point. Maybe it’s just that it seems like you lose aim assist all the time in this game but as someone who’s played Halo their entire lives I should not have to sweat my -Yoink!- off to beat some -Yoink!- that uses only the AR all game. The AR used to dominate in close range when chained with a melee, now it has ridiculous stopping power and for some reason a decent amount of range that doesn’t lose damage output. It’s also very good at cleaning up kills now which is also dumb.


There it is. Someone complaining that they lose to a skilled player when they have a power weapon. Because picking up a power weapon should be a auto win button no matter what right? I should be able to win fights not because of skill but because of the weapon I use, right? Right???..


Lol what I’m saying that the AR wins too many fights over the sidekick when it shouldn’t because the AR requires no skill and the sidekick requires a lot.

This is just your opinion and expectation from what you consider the proper way Halo should play.
The pistol is not too weak and the AR is not too strong. You are losing in scenarios were you should lose. Just because a weapon is automatic does not mean it takes no skill. This elite way of thinking is so prevelant.


I cant think of any other fps game where people complain about guns being good.

“I want to use sidekick so nerf everything else.”

I dont know, id feel much better about myself if I practiced and started to win more fights with sidekick, than to be a sore loser and come to the forums trying to get the ar nerfed. I think just running up and meleeing someone takes the least skill. I like the fact that I can kill people with starter weapons.


I’m losing to players with less skill than me because I’ve failed to land all my shots with a weapon that requires much more skill to use, if it was any other Halo I would decimate these garbage players if they ran the AR all the time like they do in this game.


Any scrub can run around and use nothing but a starter gun that requires zero skill and have a decent game in Halo Infinite now. The Halo with the lowest amount of aim assist and best strafing should not also have the most powerful AR. Yes the sidekick can beat the AR but only in very specific situations and you have to be damn near perfect with it, which isn’t worth the risk. Hell don’t nerf the AR if you’re gonna cry about it but damn at least fix the aim assist on the sidekick.

This could be used as a way to analyze the human mind as these forums are just filled with people whose brains are basically in a cult.
The cult of Halo.

Why not just use the appropriate weapon? … Which in this case sounds like it would have been the AR…

But you missed all your shots, this negates the benefit that your more skill based weapon WOULD have afforded you.
Isn’t that risk versus reward?

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I didn’t mean I missed every shot I meant that not every single shot landed which isn’t easy to do with the sidekick. The problem is why isn’t there more risk for the AR user? Why should using a gun that takes no skill to use and the gun you start with have no risk? Why use the gun that requires way more skill to use when I could do just as good if not better by turning my brain off and using the AR?


aagain, entitlted person this is the issue. the gun is not skill less. get over your ego and how you believe halo has to be played.
the fact that you can’t even describe it without saying this is so ego driven and based around nostalgia for this series and how you believe it should be played due to some halo you liked in the past.
let it go.

Because it rewards with a fasater time to kill. Also, again it is your brain…the weapon you are talking about is a PISTOL…stop trying to make it the primary.
It isn’t the primary. It is literally called the sidekick.
this is how stubborn the halo mindset is.
let go…you gotta let go…
It isn’t unfair or skillless, it is simply different than what you are used to being the deciding factor. YOU are simply being outplayed.


It is likely because the developers that joined 343 made a lot of other shooters, with a shocking amount of the team being ex devs of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor… … which really explains the reason why Halo 4 had CoD type loadouts.


The AR needs buffed, should be insta-kill

Calm down CoD boy. No need for you to load it with Explosive Ammunition

Let’s not be conservative. 1 bullet should nuke the entire map my friend.


Precicely… if you were using a MAC round from the UNSC Infinity.