Why is Sword Block here in the first place?

Seriously, I just fail to see it. Every possible pro Sword Block (SB) argument that I’ve heard can be disproved easily. I’ll list a series of pro SB arguments in the OP, and then I’ll disprove it, just to show that SB doesn’t belong in the game at all.

A. It’s canonically accurate. The Spartan focuses his shields to his arm, therefore blocking the Sword.

If we let canon dictate gameplay, then all plasma weapons would kill in a few shots. This is a bad reason simply because canon should never have a direct influence on the gameplay itself.

B. SB exists because of the overpowered Sword + Sprint/Evade combo.

While this may be true, there are other, far more simple ways of lessening the Sword’s power when combo-ing with Sprint/Evade. One solution that comes into mind immediately is to increase the draw time of the Sword after coming out of Sprint/Evade. That way, there’s no inconsistent mechanic ruining the Sword.

C. It gives a better balance between the three main CQC weapons.

Really? I was under the impression that the Sword was nerfed, and the Shotgun/Hammer were both buffed. Lets compile a list here:

Sword: H3 to Reach

  • Smaller lunge distance.
  • Slower melee.
  • The existence of SB.
  • Sword dueling is completely messed up.

Hammer: H3 to Reach

  • Longer lunge distance.
  • Faster swing speed and recovery time.
  • More ammo than the Sword.
  • Nearly unblockable.
  • Decently large blast radius.

Shotgun: H3 to Reach

  • Longer range.
  • More power.
  • Unblockable.
  • More accurate.

So yeah. You look at that and tell me that there’s a better balance between the CQC weapons.

D. It gives me a chance to defeat those pesky Sword campers.

I agree that Sword camping is annoying. However, what about Shotgun camping? Or Hammer camping? Sword camping pales in comparison to both of these.

Anyway, do you deserve that extra chance? No, you don’t. You lost control of the Sword, and its new wielder managed to come close enough to land a blow, at considerable risk of dying as well. Why should he be denied that kill when he earned it fairly? Not to mention the fact that the Sword gives off a blue glow now, which should help counter possible camping.

E. It adds another layer of strategy to Sword combat.

It adds another strategy level that shouldn’t have been there to begin with. The Sword is a power weapon that’s already limited by range; why should it be nerfed even further when its counterparts get buffed? Also, one layer of Sword strategy was removed when meleeing with the Sword had the same swing speed as the Lunge, removing that tradeoff from Halo 3. Not to mention that dueling is ruined as well, which takes away an entire side of the Sword.

Lets not even go into the fact that the block is completely dependent upon connection to be really considered a beneficial addition to the game.

F. If you get blocked, then just take another swing.

Again, why should you get another chance at living? I’ve made plenty of SBs, almost all of them randomly, and more than half the time, I’ve killed the Sword wielder because of that second chance that the block gave me. Sure, I was happy to be alive, but I knew that that was a cheap, unfair tactic and he should’ve gotten me with that first swing. I mean, just look at this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjBwDY1u1zU. That Sword guy should’ve gotten the kill, especially since the Repeater had every chance to gun him down before he reached him. But what happens? The Sword dies because of a random, inconsistent mechanic.

Hopefully, this covers every pro SB argument there is. If another one pops up, I’ll add it to the list. The bottom line is that SB should be completely removed from Reach. I’m fine if there’s an toggle option for it, but in all MM playlists, it should be disabled.

Halo reach mechanics in matchmaking was a huge fail and you can tell by the amount of users playing the game versus the amount of users that played halo 3 during it’s prime. I think 343 should post an update killing off SB and BLOOM. I think the argument would also suggest to bring back the halo 3 or even the halo 2 ranking system. This is all the major complaints I have ever read about regarding halo reach. People will go to gears of war 3 without an update, which is sad but true…

Sorry but the peoples’ voice must be heard! In the gears of war forums people posted what they wanted in gears of war 3 and look at the results!! horde 2.0, more servers, BEAST mode where you play as the enemy! I have said and many others have said INFECTION should let you play as a FLOOD and charge at a spartan or marine! WE all flamed bungie during the halo reach beta to get rid of bloom, SB and get rid of arena ranking system.
BUNGIE killed halo on purpose because they saw their contract ending! Halo reach was only an upgrade on visual effects. Also downgraded on mechanics! FAIL

I think microsoft should sue for damages to the halo franchise. <----period