Why is Skockets in the standard BTB playlist, let alone even a thing?

I genuinely don’t understand Big Team Skockets. Is it an accidental leftover from the Big Team Social playlist, or did 343 add it just to annoy people? The reason it’s lumped in with the normal modes is a mystery to me. Skockets might be fun when it’s bundled with the other wacky game types, but it doesn’t belong in the regular BTB playlist.

The matches always turn into a cluster[REDACTED] that causes half of one team to quit, leaving the remaining players to get spawn-trapped (which—granted—is amusing when you’re on the winning side). I really hope the devs reconsider their decision here. Skockets sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other modes.


I always leave skyockets. I’m part of the problem, but the game mode just isn’t that fun. It belongs in a social playlist.


No it belongs in action sack, along with half the other gametypes that are littered throughout the rest of the playlists.


…BTB is a social playlist

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There was a separate playlist for social BTB

They put it in BTB because it was a really liked inclusion to the game that they didn’t want to get it. But They seem to be limited to the amount of game lists they can have active at one time, so they made a compromise and included it in normal BTB for the large amount of the community that wanted to continue playing it.

FFS…. Why complain about having a break from the sweat fest that is Halo Infinite???

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Speak for yourself. 30 games and I only got Skockets twice. I typically get the same Stockpile, CTF, and Zone capture games. Slayer or even Skockets are a very rare occurence.

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I’ve never seen a single post claiming they were dying to play skockets. This mode is a POS that shouldn’t be in a normal playlist, especially considering that anywhere outside of the US it takes 5 minutes to find a BTB match outside of peak hours. There are few things more frustrating than having to wait 5 minutes for a match only to join a skockets game.

People liked it because it seemed less competitive and more casual when it came out. It’s very chaotic in nature, seeing rockets flying everywhere, or Skewer shoots.

Also a good way to practice Skewer Shots IMO, as well as reflecting rockets with the Repulser.


The problem is 343 doesn’t understand Splokets. It was a Reach, Action Sack gamemode that was played with Lasers, Rockets, and most importantly, Jetpacks. They recreated it in H4 as Rock 'n Rail (rockets and Railguns) and again in H5 as, but you had thrusters, low gravity and special rocket & railgun variants.

It was fun in reach and 4 because there was a sort of rock, paper, scissors element with when to use either weapon, but H5 sort of ruined that with the low grav. Basically you were a sitting duck once you jumped because you couldn’t control your elevation like you can with jetpack.

Now all we have is a repulsor which is nothing more than a double jump (Return to Sender are cool though). And the Skewer is so hard to aim, no one uses it, turning it into team Rockets pretty quick. Also it’s supposed to be 4v4, not 12v12…

Edit: this was supposed to be address to OP. My bad. :melting_face:

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It is a fun mode IMO, but it certainly shouldn’t be in the normal BTB playlist regardless of how infrequently it pops up.

I thought it was part of the social BTB. Did they just leave it around hoping regular BTB players would enjoy it? I wish they would keep a separate playlist because Yappening event was more fun than usual BTB.

Because someone loves adding action sack to every playlist.

You know they could just add an action sack playlist to keep all these gametypes that ruin the experience for lack of ranked swat slayer and everything else we asked for.