Why is [REDACTED] such a terrible shot?

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I’m just saying after watching that gameplay, why is he SUCH a bad shot for?!

It was sooo frickin annoying!!!

Maybe he was under a lot of pressure or something?

It gave me the idea that there was something wrong with Halo 4’s shooting mechanics, but there obviously isn’t.

I don’t think that it’s inconceivable that he’s not the best at the game.

Better question: Why can’t he remember he’s out of ammo for that Light Rifle!?

Unlike us, he´s a producer rather than a consumer.
While we give him money and play vidyagames.
He takes a swim in coin andsimilar to that of Scrooge.Mcduck, enjoying the fruits of a career and successful leif.

Besides, the guy deals primarily with the story/universe and public relations.

Dude. A lot of people were watching him play. You and I wouldn’t be good either than when we are playing alone.

Why are you asking us?

It’s because of all the topics you create. He gets distracted :frowning:

Because he only has 1 shoe on.

it might come as a shock to some but the people that make Halo are probably not as good at it because they are all preoccupied by, you know, making the game.