Why is reach so inconsistent.

I mean seriously some games I play one plasma grenade can kill the people driving a warthog/mongoose, and other games it takes two to kill them. And the same go’s for rockets,laser and plasma launcher.I was playing a CTF game on abbriged and I stuck a brand new warthog with three plasma stickies and they didn’t even scratch the vehicle.Before you guy’s say it’s lag I assure up it’s not cause I’ve played with lag before.Another point is the physics, stickies either go right through a vehicle or fall off.The bloom is another problem that’s currently being resolved.Give your thoughts to why each game vehicles,nades,weapons & AA’s act differently.Session data

The reason the vechicles sometimes seems to have more HP than other times is because the vechicle HP is not based on you HP anymore, it has it’s own HP that is not regenerating. Halo 3’s HP system was probably removed because they wanted to lessen the skill’s even more.

It does not make sense for a rocket that hits the gunner directly and not dieSession data