Why is nuanced debate and conversation not a thing here?

And my response to that is if an issue is so pervasive, you should be able to get multiple clips easily on any given play session - not two clips - that don’t support your position - after weeks.

That or you should be able to explain (like say from first principles) why you are right.



Trust me. They are coming.

Because when you make statements like this…

…it’s difficult to tell whether you’re playing devil’s advocate for the sake of debate, naively gaslighting yourself to believe a verifiably false claim like this, or simply knowingly making false claims to avoid having to admit you’re wrong.

The general idea of the post is a good one but you also reap what you sow, and the time for spreading seeds of good will and intent have long been supplanted by the frozen topsoil of subversion and intransigence.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Edit got another example:

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Someone is big upsetti because people generally disagree with him.


Theres a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You may not think that youre being arrogant, but if other people perceive it that way, theyre going to pounce on it. You said it yourself. It’s the interent, either be humble or get humbled.


Hey, these are all great points, won’t argue that, but have you considered that some of your post, just aren’t popular? Are sometimes straight up hypocrisy? People RECOGNIZE you and know that it’s “another Volt post”, I’m not saying you’re wrong here, you’re totally justified regarding the subject of this post, but some of your other post, aren’t particularly constructive, are already one of many threads, or for you in particular, hold a particular opinion that others don’t feel would benefit Halo Infinite.


I don’t have that attitude. I never look at someone and go ohhh that’s another this guy post. This is how echo Chambers are created because they base their feelings on past posts and then bring it to the current ones. Imagine if I did that every time on someone else’s post. Wasting time going like ohhhh but what you said in that post about the AR being too powerful is weak. I shouldn’t listen to you.

You see how stupid that sounds? This just reinforces my point that no one can talk details. No one can talk nuance or specifics. They are always general and broad

Not you, others, other people do that, to YOU, because you’re building such a reputation on the forums.
Your entire reply doesn’t help your case because all you did was make up a scenario that benefitted you due to either your negligence to actually read or because of woeful miscommunication somehow.

On a side note, didn’t you make a forum post that was “general and broad” and essentially a copy and paste of a bunch of other forums, maybe providing one example for each point of feedback?


Wrong opinions like this should always be called out… This is the internet. Nobody is allowed to be wrong. :man_shrugging:

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The only reason people shut out H5 is because it’s such a radically different game from other Halos.
That’s literally the only reason.

H4 is actually a good game if loadouts weren’t a thing.

You really wanna know why you are being ridiculed? Cos you are trying to sell H5’s Spartan abilities as an evolution of Halo. It is not. It’s more akin to a mutation.

Is H5 a bad game? Hell no.
Is it a Halo game tho? Hell no.

PS. It’s even a stretch to call H4 and H5 Halo games.
They don’t even feature a Halo in them. Imagine that. A Halo game with no Halo in it.


Technically 4 did have a Halo in it… 5 too in a lesser form. You don’t play on them , but you do see one. Just playing devil’s advocate with this one.

… Now that I think about it, you only see a Halo in Reach in a cutscene also.

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You are right about 4 and 5 though. 4 is kinda like a refined version of Reach TU. Which makes sense because 4 is basically a gutted and heavily modified version of Reach. Similar to how 3 is a heavily modified and refined version of 2…

5 is the real outlier. The true black sheep of the family. Ditching equipment and armor abilities for enhanced mobility and base abilities that are always available. One of the biggest changes was the high movement speed which helped to make the game very competitive at any point no matter the game type. This was the primary issue for most long time fans of the series.

I liked 4 at it’s core. I even made maps and game types to be able to play more like classic Halo games. It also had the best customization out of any Halo to date.

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Thank you

but you guys could go play the MCC…

Not really helpful but internet.

Because people are upset about the game. When it first dropped I was up a wall with a lot of the “features” and I’m still mad. I shouldn’t have to wait for a game to be fixed post launch but I’m giving 343 a chance since they got a crummy launch date.

However I think a lot of the negativity at this point is unwarranted for the simple fact that it’s just repeating the same things over and over again. This is drowning out all the posts that are giving feedback and I’d be honestly not be surprised if 343 ignored us at this point, and I get the squeaky wheel gets the oil but it’s just annoying at this point.

I disagree on some points.

Announcing they played the classics. With some complaints on the gameplay like friendly fire should be off in ranked, or something, it raises an eyebrow if the person has played Halo before. Some knowledge of Halo in the past helps understand and debate against someone’s views or statements on what should and should not be in Halo.

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Why has infinite only got 100k players then?

Because that’s only the Steam population. Likely many more people use MS store because of Game Pass, this also doesn’t count the console population.

Many people who used Steam went to the Windows version once the campaign came out, myself included.

You’re not looking at the whole picture when you only use Steam Charts.

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Thats how game franchise communities work bud.

Now thats out the way, all my opinions are fact because I played Halo Wars 1 AND 2, and everyone else’s are trash

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I’ve seen a lot of “I’ve played since the second CE was out!” It doesn’t add anything to your point. If we’re being honest here most people who claim that are lying. It’s the same thing as clans running around claiming they have zillion members, but you only ever see the same 3 - 5 guys.