Why is nuanced debate and conversation not a thing here?

A lot of people need to understand that Halo is a very complex series. There are multiple aspects of Halo that can be discussed in great length.

Players shouldn’t have to annouce that they played classic Halo In order to have an opinion.

Players shouldn’t have to reveal their stats or have their stats looked at to have an opinion.

Players opinions shouldn’t be shut out because they liked Halo reach or Halo 4 or Halo 5.

Players opinions shouldn’t be shut out because they don’t like Halo infinite.

Overall there are many aspects to Halo and each topic deserves it’s own discussion. I seriously don’t know why some people refuse to talk about the finer details and naunaced talking points. Some people refuse to acknowledge others view points simply because they like something that the other person didn’t.

And finally name calling and flaming. It has no place here. Some topics may get heated but leave the name calling to the party chat. I get it
It’s the internet but have some decency on a forum ment for feedback.

This isn’t a post complaining if that’s what you got out of this. I’m simply pointing out that people need to start talking about the finer details and context behind people’s view points instead of them talking about it generally. The only way we will ever get some where is if we have civilized debates. No dismissing others opinions because you don’t like them and no flaming either


Do you mind explaining this?



People are upset that I’m confident in my skills so they will attack my stats in order to bring my opinions down.

In every other Halo if you got into a debate on stats you guys would 1v1 to settle that. I’m a competitive person. I’m used to this. I play game battles and online tourneys so facing someone who thinks their better is normal to me.

1v1s are the only way to show true individual skill.

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Technically, I have played all the Halo games since MCC is a thing.


The only games I’ve played prior to MCC were Reach, 4. I tried to play reach, but my kid brain couldn’t find the sprint button.

I was specifically referring to the “or you don’t have any points part”.

As someone who has debated your points and talked about your gameplay with respect to specific clips you provided, and who hasn’t based any argument off your stats, only to be ignored or have goalposts moved, I think you are not being genuine here.

Also regardless of whether you win or lose a 1v1 or doesn’t prove your stance in a debate. It just means you won a 1v1 (and unless it was a massacre, you couldn’t use a single match in isolation to determine who is better)


See the problem is the orginal post was talking about peopleing sprinting away or sprinting around corners.

I only gave one example of this and I’m stock piling more to show.

I already admitted that the one clip I showed wasn’t a strong enough case to bring to the table.

Everything else after that is what’s not genuine. Because they claimed that my “skill” is the reason I didn’t kill the guy around the corner

We’ll no that’s not true. You misconstrued skill in the general sense (if I do this in the scenario next time, I’ll do better) with your relative skill to the player base. The former is what (atleast I) was discussing since I was giving pointed suggestions for what could have been done differently in each scenario/clip. The only reasonable response to those suggestions would be “no I can’t do a) because if I do that then this bad thing will happen. If I do b) then that bad thing will happen. If I do c) this other bad thing will happen. So really I made the best choice at the time”. It’s not silence or “1v1 me”


Stats only came up after you blew off everyone who gave you constructive criticism as to what you could’ve done to win that engagement.
Instead of taking the feedback that was given from multiple parties, you proceeded to argue that that you can win any match and challenged everyone to a 1v1.
To continue, you proceeded to say that no one can disagree with you unless they 1v1 you.


Yeah. They kept telling me. Ohh but you missed your shots or ohhb you could’ve went a different route.

They miss the point.

I shouldn’t have to and I miss shots because of the Sprint. The moment you move around a corner I can no longer hit you. The only reason why they got around that corner is because of Sprint.

I have clips of someone just avoiding the last shot because the Sprint pulled him around the corner and over a ledge. Sure I could go around but the moment I do that I loose the player to someone else OR I engage in a new battle because I went a new route instead of the original route

Side note. Thank you for bringing back the main point of It all. You asked calmly and rationally and look, we are in a much better understanding of what my point was.

I blew off the criticism because they missed the point of what I was trying to say. Like I said to this other guy here, I shouldn’t have to go a different route. The guy should be forced to battle.you once they get shot at. This is why the sheild Regen when being shot was so important because it stoped you dead in your tracks in order for you to Regen. In the clip I showed if he couldn’t Regen then he wouldn’t been dead by another player OR by me because he still would’ve been one shot.

OR if he didn’t have Sprint he would be forced to battle because he wouldn’t get around the corners so fast

people don’t use video game forums for nuanced debate and conversation. they’re used for ranting and the odd thread for specific feedback


That’s exactly the problem - you blew off valid criticism because you assumed you were right and everyone else was wrong. If you were being genuine you would have actually pushed back constructively (in a way similar to how I outlined above) to come to a mutual understanding. You didn’t do that.

If you did do that I would have happily further exchanged you (and still will).

Needless to say though, the criticism I provided would be just as relevant in the first trilogy as HI.


Nah, ya see, the people who joined this gravy train later than Halo 3/Reach were introduced to the wrong gameplay formula, and the wrong type of storytelling, and they’ve never witnessed what it was like waiting for a Bungie Halo game to release and having your expectations almost completely met.

Sounds like you should go play halo 5

And my answer to that is more clips are coming.

Sounds like you should read the last paragraph

I remember Halo 3s release like it was yesterday. A complete game that you could play offline

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They can be but aren’t because on this forum if you have an opinion that alters slightly from “343 bad, death to 343” then you’re a fool and don’t know what’s best for Halo, whatever that means.

1000% agree with this. I get so jaded when people open their opinion with “I’ve played Halo since ________” as if that adds any credibility to their opinion.

Unfortunately the fact that this is the Internet weighs more than calling for decency to have good conversation and being able to disagree like adults. That is simply too much to ask for people who think they’re entitled to much more.

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While I agree with the general statement of this post I believe the OP should take the advice/points outlined here instead of burring their head in the sand and insisting everyone else except them is wrong.


So, new to the internet?