why is my level keep saying im SR1

every time i load up halo 4 ill get in to a game no problem and be able to use my loadouts get commendations and earn weekly/daily challenges ect. well after a game has finished ill get back to the lobby and it will show me that im level 1 and ill have all orignal armor on but if i bring up my menu up it will show my real level which is 113 but if i try to look at challenges commendations ect. it will say halo 4 server down even though im still online. this confuses me and the only way it will show my level and be able to earn things is if i dashboard and restart up the game then after 1 game it will do the same exact thing

The question is has anyone else expierenced this or do you know how to solve this?
it is quite frustration…

Yes its been doing this to me all day after i signed up for the challenge and got a new update to the game frustrating as hell